ASF Leadership Awards- November 2006

Maurice Shohet received the ASF leadership award on November 30, 2006 in New York.
The American Sephardi Federation Leon Levy Leadership Awards were given out to 6 individuals who were instrumental in showing communal leadership in continuing and preserving Iraqi Jewish culture, customs and institutions in the U.S.
The awardees were earmarked as Iraqi Jewish leaders and will become members of a special advisory board
of the ASF on Iraqi Jewish community affairs:-
Maurice Shohet, Carole Basri, Shlomi Bakhash, Edeed Ben-Joseph, Salim Mahlab and Albert Nassim.

Pictures from the event:

Speech of Maurice Shohet

Speech of David Dangoor

Ezra Azouri, Maurice and Ann Shohet,
Danny and Gila Aizer

Violette Shohet, Maurice Shohet, Joseph Ezra

Maurice Shohet, Abraham Moallem,
Kamil Shashou and Ivy (nee Shemoun) Shashou

Rita Moallem (right) and Rutie Ezra
screen picture of Leon Levy

Rutie Ezra

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