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***New section added to our website
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Please send us your account of what happened to you, your family or friends, in any language, and we will be happy to upload it to the website.

February 2010
***Dear Sit Simcha fans,
It was so great to see you all in Israel.
This is the poem that Emile Cohen read to Sit Simcha last Wednesday.
Please send me all the pictures you have taken on the day so that I will send them all to the Iraqi website for all to see.
I was promised by Bar Ilan that today they will email me the official photos taken by their photographer. I will send that to you as well. I asked if I can have a copy of the speeches.
If anyone would like to call Sit Simcha, she would love to recieve calls from everyone, from those who were not there as well. She is such a special person and calling her would make you feel so good and will make her happy. Please just spread the word internationally, we want her to know she is important to us.
Warm Wishes
Nadia Nathan
Sit Simha poem by Emile Cohen
Wemaster's note: If you wish to call Sit Simha, you can write to us to get her phone number:
For full details of the event, go to the Sit Simha section

***Well done to Iraqi Jews website for quick update about Sit Simha event.
Sit Simha is one in a million with her dedication and love to all her students. Each one of us should feel privileged to be taught by her.
As well, I would like to express my repulsion towards the people in Israel who organised the guest list for deleting my mother’s name (Sit Mariam) from the list.
My mother is the last living member of staff of Frank Iny and Shamash’s school.
Kind Regards
Niran Timan (nee Bassoon)

***Thank you for the great website.
Although we are not Jews, but my sister Nadera who still lives In Baghdad was a student of Sit Semha at Mutawssitat al Karkh. I am her brother Samy who lives in Canada . I want to say to Sit Semha. I listened to the video Interview about you and tears comes out of my eyes. Yesterday, I called my sister in Baghdad and told her about you. My sister cried on the phone from happiness. On behalves of my sister and all of my family in Baghdad whom I have not seen them for over 32 years, I would like to say: We love you Ms. Semha

***Very impressed with the site, it gives the opportunity to contact our old friends from baghdad
wherever they are.
I am looking for Kheyriya Mahdi Al Tahan, her sisters Widad and Nadira who were our childhood unforgettable friends to all the family. We know that Kheyriya was a teacher and her sister is married to a famous jeweller in baghdad. To contact you Kheyriya will be our best present and we have been looking for you for ages.
Edna/ Marcelle Gabbay and all the brothers

January 2010
***My dear Iraqi Jews,
As some of you know I am now working for British Friends of Bar Ilan University.
I received a beautiful email lately from the University in Israel that our very own Sit Simcha has donated some money to Bar Ilan University. They are planning a presentation party for her in February at the University in Israel as a recognition for her kind gift.
They asked me if we can collect as much material as possible about her: pictures of her, messages from her students.... Anything that makes her feel how much we appreciate her. It will be a small party but they want to invite some of her Iraqi students who were in Frank Iny/Shammash and who also studied at Bar Ilan University. Please spread the word.
What we need are messages of congratulations on the day that she is honoured by one of the largest universities. Let's gather as much messages as possible and lets make her feel we are all with her on her special day and let her know how much we appreciate her. If you have any pictures or even write about an incident with her.... All of this will be gathered in an album and presented to her on the day. Please circulate this message to as many people as possible.
Thank you very much and may you have only sweet surprises in 2010
With Warm Regards
Nadia Nathan (Muallem)

I am an Assyrian and used to work for British General Shipping and Transport Co. in Baghdad (Owner Elias Sofair) and my immediate manager was Saleh Saleh (his elder son Sabah) both migrated to Israel in 1962-64 Can you please list my name and ask either to email me.
Thank you
Youel Youash

***Dear Iraqijews founder,
I wanna thank you for this site that gave hope to my dad in his long search for his Iraqi jewish dear friends. My dad is an old man now but he is still crying when he remembers his best Iraqi jewish friends that he won't find good friends like them as he always keep saying.
My father has been looking in the UK for an Iraqi Jewish family whom were his and his father's best friends ever, the man's name is : Kharmoush Ya'akoubi , he was married to Marsel and they have 2 children Roni and Ritta, he died in Baghdad and he asked his family not leave Iraq no matter what , my dad and his father had done their best to make sure that they are always safe and out of threats and danger after the Farhoud and the violence against innocent Iraqi jewish citizens, But my dad left to study in the UK and when he came back in 1968 he's been told that Marsel and her children Roni and Ritta left Iraq recently, his heart was broken and he kept looking for them because their father Kharmoush Ya'akoubi asked my dad and his best friend ever who was my grandfather to take care of them before he passes away.
I did not know how to help my dad in his long search as we have no contacts in Israel, so i start surfing the web till i found your site so please kindly help me to know anything about them so my dad can rest.
My dad's name is: Karim Shams al-Mash'hadani, they know my grandfather as: Sheikh Shams (he was the Head of our tribe and he was the best friend for Kharmoush Ya'akoubi).
My dad wants to know about their fate, where are they now, are they ok, do they need anything, he still feels bad that he came to Baghdad and not seeing them before they leave in 1968...he wishes to contact them once in his life again.
I'm Hatem, newly moved to the USA and I promised my dad that I will find them or at least get their news.
Thanks alot and i hope that you won't feel surprised about my e-mail but you are my only hope.
Wish you all the best.
Shalom and Salam,

***Hi everyone,
Thanks again for your website and all your efforts. I would like to exchange information or addresses with Walid Amin who wrote in your guestbook on Dec. 2009
Thank you,
Morris Loya

***Dear Sirs,
Thank you indeed for your marvelous site which joins our Iraqi Jews (Compelled to leave Iraq against their desire away from their friends and Neighbors) with their homeland.
Using this occasion to request you to do me a favor in finding and furnishing me with address of my best youth friend whom I am searching for along time. His name is Mazin Edward (Jewish) left Iraq before Iraqi-Iran war starts in 1982 to UK. Periodically I heard about his situation from former Director of Rafidain Bank-London Branch till 1988 then from our Jewish friend worked as Real-estate broker in Arasat Al-Hindiyah.
Your efforts in this regards will be highly appreciated.
P.S. - I and my friend Mazin Edward were studying together in Al-Sharqiyah Secondary School from 1965-1967. Then we meet again after my I completed my high education in USSR in 1977, that time Mazin was working in Al-Hakim Trading Company located near Kahramana Sq. in Al-Karada.
In 2004,2005,2008 and 2009 I was in Iraq and one of our friends informed me, that Mazin's father and mother were died and buried there.
I left Iraq with my family in 1995 and now we are living in Ukraine Permanently.
Faithfully yours
Sami Al-Zubaidi

December 2009
***Many thanks for adding my letter to your guest book
I get so much pleasure from this site, I thought many pages from my (and Iraq's) past has been deleted from time's memory, but thanks to you this has been restored (in part) by your site and blessed efforts. I am still looking for my past friend Jamal Saleh Loya or his brothers Morris, Henri or Fawzi..Can you give me the Email of Istath Ishac or Sit Simha? or give them my Email.
Thank you, God bless you all.
Walid Amin

***Dear Friends
Once more I am inviting you to visit the website of
Niran has taken charge of the website and has been adding additional material. You will note that the Home Page has been expanded, the Event Page includes all the discussions we had during the Event at SOAS, the Articles now include links of interviews from an Iraqi network and a new page has been created called Links, which include You Tube links of Saleh Alkuwaity songs. Niran also added links to some very interesting websites that promote the Iraqi traditional music. Well done Niran.
If you have time please visit the site and enjoy. If you have clips of any of Saleh Alkuwaity music, we will be very pleased to receive them if you could kindly contact us at We depend on your contributions to make this website read by all music lovers and those who appreciate the Iraqi traditional music. Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Best wishes
Emile Cohen
On behalf of the Alkuwaity Event Team

Thanks for putting Jack Atraghkji in touch with me. We are now corresponding regularly.
John Irvine

November 2009
***Dear All,
I have just come across an entry in your guest book regarding Mr Irvine asking to contact any of his students in the late fifties.I was one of them and so was my brother and sister.Please please pass my email address to him so that we can establish contact.My name is Jack.
Thanking you
Jack Atraghji
Ps.His entry is on jan.2009

***Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing these lines just to give you my sincere thanks and gratitude for helping me locating an old family friend from Basrah with which we lost contact nearly 40 years ago.
Within less than a week from putting a note on your website, there was a phone call in the evening at my house in Manchester/UK. On the other side of the line was Ephraem himself and I had to ask him to re-introduce himself to make sure that I heard him correctly and that I am not dreaming. We chatted for about 30 minutes swapping news, asking about family members, etc. I think the phone is still wet from the tears :-). I have now put him in touch with my brother, who was his classmate and I am sure they'll be swapping 40 years worth of stories.
Thanks again for making this possible.
Yours sincerely
Dr. Ghassan Naman Al-Ajdah

***Shalom and peace be with you.
I came across your website this morning and couldn't wait to get home from work to write these lines.
Although I am not Jewish, but I am an Iraqi who grew up in Basrah and had Jewish friends both at school and as family friends. I am a Christian who was born in Basrah-Maaqal and then moved to Ashar-Brayha as a teenager with my family. I finished my University education at Basrah University and moved to England in 1977 and have been living in Manchester since then.
The reason I am writing to you is that I am trying to trace some Jewish family friends who left Iraq in the the 60s and early 70s. To be more specific, they are too separate families who lived in Basrah-Ashar :
Family 1:
They had a house in Ashar, close to the 'Al-Markazia Secondary School'; their son name was Ephraim Saleem Eliea who was also known by the name Sameer; He lived with his mother and sister; He was a student at Basrah University, Engineering College and was studying Electrical Engineering I think. My older brother Munther was in his class; Before they left Iraq, Mrs Eliea (the mother) came to our house and gave my mother some cutlery and Coffee Cups as a present and something to remember them by. I believe, but not sure, that Ephraim had an older brother who lived in London. Rumour have it that they left to England but others say that they went to Israel. I would love to hear of their news and particularly to put Ephraim in touch with my brother Munther, they were like best mates. Ephraim was of similar age to my brother Munther, so he would be around 60 years old now. My brother left Iraq and now lives in Amman/Jordan after getting badly injured in a mortar attack in Baghdad.
Ephraim will definitely remember my brother whose full name is Munther Naaman Dawood Al-Ajdah.
Family 2:
I don't remember much about this family because they left Iraq probably in the mid 60s and I was around 10 years old then; Again I remember they lived in Ashar, not far from Cinema Al-Watani Street; they had a son called Saeed who also went to Basrah University, probably the most significant information I have is that they lived next door to Dawood Al-Sayegh family who are relatives of ours and we used to meet them there for tea and dinner sometimes. If I am not wrong, Saeed will probably now be in his late 60s I pray and hope that I can get some information of those two wonderful families and hopefully can put both Ephraim and Saeed in touch with my brother Munther. Of course we all still speak Arabic (between us in Maslawi accent) but outside we speak with a Basrawi accent. Please accept my sincere gratitude and I hope to hear some news from you.
Kind Regards
Dr Ghassan Naaman Dawood Al-Ajdah

Nearly one year ago (3 December 08) I was one of the organisers of the centenary celebration of the birth of Saleh Al Kuwaity in London.
The event included lectures and a filmed interview with Heskel Kojman and musical concert. The event was very successful and was attended by nearly 300 people of who half were non Jews. We have created a website and we are updating it constantly. It now includes the lectures and a 10 minutes summary of the days. We are regularly adding any article published about the Kuwaity brothers.
Through the website people can purchase the DVD or CD of the concert.
Kind Regards
webmaster's note: Article by Ivy Vernon regarding the event - article

October 2009
***I am looking for one of my classmates at Frank Iny and Shamash secondary school. His name is Wissam Farid Mlak.
I cannot remember whether he had any brothers or sisters but I remember that we were together since reception or maybe even Nursery.
He was Christian and I know he stayed at the school until it closed in 1974. I would be grateful if anyone knows any details about him or even better if they have contact details (phone number or email).
Thanks and good luck to everyone who is contributing to this website.
Niran Timan (Nee Al Bassoon)

***Mr Edwin,
I'm one of the students who attended Al Idadia Al Nithamia (Frank Iny) early nineties. I was touched with your writing about Baghdad, your old school, and all the beautiful memories you carried. I want you to know that I always felt something when I was at that high school, I used to go to the theater ( al masrah ) and look at the stage, I always felt the presence, the strong presence of that place like it was talking, screaming, or crying it's glory. I really did Mr Shukur.
I loved that school just like you did. It might have more than one name, but it carried more than single generation's memory and certainly It shares the same amount of love.
Our community is gone as well, Mr Shukur, My friends and family have spread all over the world and we don't know if it's going to take one or two generation to melt and disappear.
I miss Baghdad, my old house, my school, I miss that simple life where we didn't spend a minute thinking about bills and dollars.
Thank you for sharing these awesome feelings with us, God bless you.
Jamal Amr

September 2009
***Shana Tova to all Iraqi jews
Samira Blass

***Condolences to Yvette Eliahou (nee lawi) on the early death of her son Vico (Victor) who died at the age of 36 on 19.9.2009
to join the group In rememberence of Victor (Vico) Eliyahou on the Facebook click� �
Jane Shahar

***Looking for a friend from Frank Iny
My name is Eli (Yass) Chachak, 49 years old, son of Naji Chachak, left Iraq in 1979 to Holland and immigrated in 1994 to Israel. I am looking for a youth friend from Frank-Iny who left Iraq in 1973 to Israel by name of Samir Abdel-Nabi, I will be very happy if anyone can help me getting in touch with him.
Eli Chachak

August 2009
***Looking for a friend
Salam to you,
I am looking for an old friend who left Baghdad in 1970, her name is Bushra Haroun Khalaschi, her sister's name is Brigitte, her cousin is Faiz.
Eba Nadim

By the time I arrived to the city of Or Yahuda, I could hear very loud arabic music. I noticed a man greets an old man by saying-
- Shalom, ashlonak? Ash ako ash mako?
(Shalom, how are you? What is new?)
The old man replied by saying-
- Shalom yama�wwad, wenak anta? Wallah ana za�lan minnak.
(Shalom pal, where have you been? By God I'm angry with you...)
Therefore, and at once I changed the name of the city into OR IRAQ, because the culture and traditions of this city was more like Iraqi culture.
I was at the Iraqi museum, I went out to take pictures and film the guests outside. I was amazed to notice all these Iraqis were very shy. They were even talking in very low voices. They were shy with strangers and this made it impossible for me to take their pictures or film them freely.
Beriefly, these Iraqis were very nicely brought up and they have very much respect for kurds and for Kurdistan.
Bashir Sabri Botani
From Iraqi Kurdistan
video -B.S. Botani in Israel

***Looking into a Family Tree
Hi my name is stephen Alfred Hoffman. Recently my grandma has been revealing a lot about her family past to both my mother and myself and i am interested in following it up and i have heard that you are a group of people who could.
My grandma's name is farah dangoor she was born in 8th june 1928 in baghdad she went to the alliance school in iraq and she spent a lot of her childhood either in bazra or in kerem el sheha (not sure about the spelling of that ) which was in iran. She also remember experiencing the farhud in 1941 - when she was living in baghdad- i think after the war - she escaped to tehran -maybe stopping for a bit at kerem el sheha, in 1949 she went to live in israel , however when she married naim shohet -who was also born in iraq , baghdad she went to live in england -first in preston and then manchester, whitefields. they then both moved back to israel in the the late 1970s early 1980s.
I have heard that the dangoor was a very large famous family in iraq and i would be very interested to learn more about it. According to my grandmother her grandad was a rabbi although not at a synagogogue but in the beit midrash and her great grandfather we have some reason to believe although not entirely sure here hakham ezra dangoor -was her great grandfather - although it may be different.
On my grandfather side i only know about his brother who continued to live in iraq up to the six day war -however after the six day war - he was put on the death list as a jew for a public hanging - it was only due to the work of my grandad who contacted his local mp michael fiddler who was jewish who then talked to the iraqi embassy that my great uncle avoided being put to death. he then escaped to iran, then syria, then lebanon before eventually ending up in india.
i would really like to know more about my family tree and was wondering if you could help me out.
yours sincerely
stephen hoffman.

***Looking for Zilka family from Basra
I wish you can help me in finding and contacting Zilka Family, i mean Naji's Brother (Heskial Zilkha : Abu Jameel) or his sons.
My mom used to be the private teacher for his sons and daughters in Basra (Namely, Gracey, Toffaha, Caramella and Maurice).
Please, if you know anything let me know. My Mom is with me in Dubai and she still remember them all with great faith as we used to be like one family.

July 2009
***Iraqi Jews of late 19th early 20th century
I found your website in my search for my husbands geneology. Unfortunately there are alot of dead ends. His family is from Singapore - but his grandparents and great grandparents were from Iraq. Eliahou Joseph Rahamim, born 1870 immigrated to Singapore. Also Abraham Hayim Abed who I believe to be from Basra about 1870. There is Schlomo Solomon of Baghdad. My husbands surname is Saltoon - there are variations in the record though - from Isaac Toon (great-grandfather), who's son was Nassim Azra, and then Nassim Elias and finally Nassim Saltoon. I don't know what the origins of the name are. If there are any websites you could direct me to for geneology, or name information I would greatly appreciate it!
Becky Saltoon

***AL Hikma University-Baghdad
Dear All
Please pass this email to all our friends and graduates from Al Hikma University in baghdad between 1963 -1969.
it was nice to see some of our friends a 2009 reunion in Detroit, out come was that the reunion will continue in the future and also a possibility it will be next in Amman
they are preparing up to date data base, if you are interested to add your name to the list so you are notified please email me or Mr. Makram Al Shaikh
New Committee will be formed soon so they can handle and manage
Best Regards
Usam Nathan

***Kobi Pasha and Iraqi Pyjama
I am looking for a schedule of Kobi Pasha and Iraqi Pajama performance in Israel. Can you help me . Is there a website or telephone number to call.
Sara Sion

***trying to find family
my family left after the king was killed the name is Moses they lived in Baghdad and had Gold retail shops
please help

June 2009
***Sumerian project
I am writing to you about a PhD study at Leeds University trying to investigate the Descendants of the Sumerians/Babylonians in the Iraqi population. The study will look at all the different Ethnicity in the Iraqi population to see which is the closest genetics match to the Sumerians..i.e. which group of people were the first Inhabitants of Mesopotamia.
The study needs 100 unrelated individuals from each group (Jews, Christians, Arabs, Kurds Yazidis, Mendeans, Marsh Arabs).
A saliva swab for DNA analysis will be required.
I am contacting you for assistants in this matter to gather this data from Iraqi Jews if they are willing to help in this study. It is confidential. so names will not appear in the genetics data.
I will be prepared to meet them at their chosen venue and time.
Thank you for your time and I look forwarded to hearing from you. Thank you once again.
Hajir Al-khairulla

May 2009
greeting from Canada
i am an Iraqi who left Iraq in 1978.
my mother used to walk to the hospital mile away from home she use to ask for water no body will give her!
there was a Jew family in Iraq they used to give her water and some food, my mother and i were poor, my father was poisoned cause he use to work for the Kingdome.
we are Sunni Muslims, no one helped us in those days, the government used to tell my mom to leave there is no retired money, no welfare and no social assistant, my mom used to work cleaning the clothes and do some ironing and tailoring all my brothers also work to help my mom, no one else did helped us, only few Jews family! they use to give us some food every week it was so wonderful, i cried allot when i use to ask my mom how come the Jews helped us and our people don't? she used to tell me god took the mercy from our people heart and the Jews know the meaning of suffering , how i wish i know what had happened to those Jews family who helped us back in 1962 to 1966, god bless them.
i love you all

***Hilda Shamoun
I was trying to contact an old Jewish friend from Baghdad, Iraq – her name is Hilda Shamoun; she graduated from Hikma University in 1969. Can you assist?
Armen Tajirian

***On The Banks Of The Tigris
On the Banks of the Tigris- celebrates the Jewish contribution to Iraqi music and the cultural ties that link all Iraqis. The film follows Majid Shokor, an Iraqi-Australian from a Muslim background, who has the courage to break taboos in his quest for knowledge and truth.
It's a joyous musical and historical journey that promotes peace and cultural dialogue (see attached newspaper article).
For more information on the film, Majid's recent filming trip to Iraq, and to view the trailer please visit:
We would deeply appreciate your assistance in helping us to complete this wonderful film. We urgently need to raise $10,000 to work with one of Australia's top editors on a short cut from all the material we've filmed - in Australia, Israel, Europe and Iraq. This will be a major step toward making a full-length version of the film for TV and worldwide distribution.
Please favourably consider making a donation to help complete this important project.
Our previous funders include Film Victoria, the Victorian Multicultural Commission, philanthropic trusts, and generous individual donors. If you have any questions about the project or how to donate, please contact me.
Thank you for believing in the power of music and the arts to create positive change and reconciliation.
Yours sincerely,
Marsha Emerman
Fruitful Films Pty Ltd
PS. Please also let us know if you can help to locate archival footage. We're looking for moving footage and photos of Baghdad in the 1920s-1950s - music and musicians, the Tigris, city scenes, people's daily lives. We're also looking for an early Iraqi feature film Alia Wa Issam with Salima Murad.

Hi, folks
I enjoy reading the news of Iraqi Jews on your website. I have had many Jewish friends with whom I, unfortunately, lost contact when they left Iraq.
I will appreciate your help in locating two particular persons: Na'eem Eliahu Iny and Menachem ( Mundher) Iny.
Last time I saw Na'eem was when we both left Iraq in June 1960. He and his wife, Esperance Sawdayee, and their daughter Caroline ( Rahma) went to New York. Since then we have had no contact.
My name is Jalal Jabouri.
I hope to receive an answer to my inquiry. Thank you.

Dear friends
I am an iragi born been out nearly 40 years.just to say how much i have enjoyed the pictures and the comments ,it really brought back memories of my youth.
it all started by buying the DVD of Alkuwity brothers,OOOOOOh what wonderful memories.
thanking you and looking forward to see some more visits with such details,fantastic.
Mona Gay

***can I contact Jamal Saleh Lowayah
Can you help me locate or contact my old friend Jamal Saleh lowaya or any of his brothers Morris or Fawzi?
my name is walid amin

***Doctor Comes To Rescue, Finds Miracle
Webmaster's note- Dr. Ray Basri is son of Dr. Albert Basri, and Annette, daughter of Frank Iny. He is Carole Basri's brother

April 2009
***Looking for a very dear friend
Hello. I hope you may help me.
I'm looking for my freind Eva Ibrahim Iny, of whom I lost contact at 70's. I assume she came to USA.
They were a large family sisters Bertha and Joyce, brothers Joseph, Jack and Mayer.
Please if anyone has any news or can pass my email to them I'll be most grateful.
Thank you.
Sylva Minassian

***Your site-updates
I wonder if the guestbook is updated. the last messages are from 2004.
Can I put a message there? I have written and found some of my friends about 7 years ago and others found me as well.
This is a great site .
Thank you
Lily Shor
Ramat Gan Israel

***Noory Masliyah
I was friends with Noory years ago in San Diego. I’m in L.A. now.
Do you know of him and how I can contact him?
Kathryn Boyle

March 2009
***Al Kuwaity Event DVD
Dear Friends
At Last, we have the double DVD of the Alkuwaity celebration that many of you attended at SOAS on 3rd December 2008.
I am sure you will agree with me that it was a magnificent event and will probably see your picture in the film if you were there. Those who missed it all, now is your chance to witness the event.
The double DVD includes one of the Concert and one of the historic filmed interview of Ahmed Mukhtar with Heskel Kojman and Baher Rejab about the Kuwaity Brothers and the Iraqi music.
The price is �15 for the double DVD and represents excellent value. Now you can purchase it through the website where the price will include packaging and posting.
Please make sure to leave your postal address.
Al Kuwaity Event Team

I came across your web site as I was looking up and researching things about history of Iraq. I am an Iraqi Muslim and I have attended Frank Iny school for a short time in the late 60's.
I have read and gone through your articles and pictures and would like to be included with what is happening with your community.
I left Iraq with my family in 1979
What I am looking for: News of the Iraqi Jewish community and if I can find a common ground of what happened to the people of Iraq (Jews included, of course)
Kindly let me know.
Ali Zwayne
Age: 44

Hi, I am writing an article on the Iraqi Jewish Archive that was found in Iraq in 2003. Is there anyone familiar with this archive with whom I can speak?
Best wishes,
Tamara Mann
Fellow, Jewish Writers' Seminar

February 2009
***Salih and Dawoud Al-Kuwaiti,the great singers of the Iraqi Jewish Music Era(30's,and 40's)
Dear Sir\Madam…. Brothers and sisters,
I can’t express how much the great Al-Kuwaiti brother were marvelous and precious… their art was healing our wounds since that time, as I called it The Iraqi Jewish Music Era.
With all our love from Baghdad.
Shukran Jazilan.
Kindest regards.
Dr. Jamal Al-Atawi

January 2009
***Max Sawdayee's wife
To whom it may concern,
In 1974/5/6 I studied with Max (Fuad) Sawdyee's wife at Tel-Aviv University. It's been a long time and I lost completely contact with her.
At that time she gave me 2 books -All waiting to be hanged.
Please let me know:
a) if you know here whereabouts and how I could get in touch with her, and
b) where could I get additional copies of the book.
I look foward to hearing from you
Max Blankfeld

***Frank Iny and Shamash School
I taught English at the Frank Iny and Shamash school Bagdad from 1957 to 1959 when Mr Obadiah was headmaster. We had to leave unfortunately after the revolution and I have happy memories of my time there. My best pupil was Muna Obadiah, the daughter of the headmaster. I know it is a long time ago, but I should be glad of news of anyone from that era.
I am, of course, retired and living in Edinburgh and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and my wife Alexandra.
Kindest regards,
John Irvine.

Comments from 2008

***I am wondering if there is currently a research going on about the history of the Iraqi Jews who left in 1970.
I am writing because I am wondering if there is currently a research going on about the history of the Iraqi Jews who left in 1970.
I saw in your website so much information on this subject: books, articles, the Gabbai family, and much more.
Thank you for all the wonderful work your organisation is doing.
I do have a cousin whose history has not been recorded, yet, and I am trying to find out if there is anyone who would want to interview her, in Montreal.
If it is possible I would appreciate any suggestion you can give me on how I should go about to find such an information?
Joyce Yahouda

***new book
I am a Sephardic Jew born in Baghdad. My father was a high government official- director of Railways. We lived across the street from the Prime Minister Saleh Jabbor. I and my brother escaped from Iraq at age 10, in 1948 to Israel, through Iran.
I retired in New York at age 62 and have published two books
Full Circle- Escape from Baghdad and the return
History of the Jews and Israel
I am a very active lecturer. Please check my schedule in the Lecture schedule section.
Much data and photos on my website-
I will be glad to hear from any of your members.
Warm Regards,
Saul Silas Fathi

***Baghdad Twist
Hello, could you please tell me where I may view online the documentary, Baghdad Twist?
(I could only find short trailers...thanks)
Red Nef

***Sit Semha
I want to cintact Sit Simha and to ask her about my family who learn in Frank Iny.
Pls. write back.
Noa Ben-David

***Feature Film
I am Abdulrahman Dheyab the Reporter of Alsharqiyah TV, and I am working on the documentry film about the history of the Iraqi immegration to the UK, so please I do need ur help of getting in touch with people , who has strong stories to tell.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Abdulrahman Dheyab
Alsharqiya Reporter in London

***Dr Erik Raubitschek (eye surgeon)
Dr.Raubitschek was our neighbor. Me and Eugene his son were classmates in High school and graduated together in 1957. The school was an American Jesuit school named Baghdad College. Then he left to England to finish his studies and I heard he studied Medicine.
I am residing in the USA now.
Eugene was a good friend with the Sawdayee Family.
Usama Rassam

***Research on the Rejwan family in Baghdad
My name is Dror Rejwan and i am currently making a research about my family history in Baghdad.
Our family (Rejwan family) was the owner of a market place in Baghdad and i am currently trying to locate its position.
Since i never been to Baghdad, i had to research the internet and i found that it might have been located in the area of Al-Masbah and is still called Souq Rejwan.
I was wondering if you know anything about the Souq Rejwan and if you can help me locate it (maybe using Google Maps?).
Any other information you have on Souq Rejwan or on the Rejwan family, such as stories, pictures or will be welcomed!
Your help is greatly appreciated!
Thank You!
Dror Rejuan

***Hello, help with family tree
Hi, My name is Haim, I'm from Israel.
my grandfather and grandmother are from Basra, Iraq.
their family was Abdo and Salech (Saleh I saw in your site under:
(includes Bakhash, Gabay, Gourji, Mussaffi, Obadiah, Saleh, Shashoua, Shaaya, Shabi, Sharbani, Shohet, Somekh, Swery, Yamen)
(includes Aboudy, Aslan, Battat, Bekhor, Dangoor, Fattal, Gabbay, Gahtan, Gourgey, Iny, Korine, Mashal, Masry, Mouallem, Raphael, Sadka, Saleh, Sassoon, Shashoua, Shemtob, Sherbanee, Somekh)
But I didn't found Abdo. even not in the Miscellaneous .
could you help me? or guide me where I should check?
Haim Abdo

***finding a friend
Wonderful work! My name is Souad Spivack (Jabbawy),i saw in your list a letter from Linda Stellman (Abdulezer) I met her in Israel after we both had escaped from Iraq in the 1970's, i would very much like to get in touch with her again after so many years of lost contact , we were in the same dorm in Maonot Israellia in Haifa I would be very grateful if you can connect me with her.
Thank you very much
Souad Spivack

***Does any one know about Ezra Ainatchi
I went to engineering college with Ezra Ainatchi in Brighton UK 1964- 1967.
Does any one know about him or how to contact him.Last I know of him his family moved to Haifa in Israel in 1968.
Deepak Yamdagney

***Ms. Aida Meir Basri
I'm asking about Ms. Aida Meir Basri, daughter of the distinguished Mr. Mir Basri.
She was my colleague in the university of Technology in Baghdad-Iraq, left Iraq to England in mid 70's as far as I know.
If you please, just convey my Salaam to her.
Kind regards,
Bassim Assamarra
Retired engineer
and the (chronic) College broadcast transmitter builder during the university annual festivals from 1971 to 1973.

***searching for a dear friend
Dear Sir
I had a very dear and close friend in Baghdad
His name is Samir Shaul Sassoon
His grand father was the head of the Jewish community in Baghdad, Sassoon Khadhouri
He graduated from Baghdad College in 1961
He went to study in the UK, and our last meeting was in Braintree Essex, UK where he was studying in 1962
He has an older brother Zuhair.
His mother, father and brother left baghdad in 1970, and went to stay in London. i did see them in Baghdad before they left.
I will be very grateful if you can but me in touch with him.
We were very close friends since we were small children, and our families were also close friends, we used to stay in each others house regularly.
Raad Al - Umari

***Looking for my dearest friends
Since the early 70s I'm looking for my dearest friends Jack, Yousef, Meir and Eva, children of Ibrahim El Iny from Baghdad
My name: Fayeq Nasser
F.I. [Mike] Nasser OMRI, C.I.T.P

***New Book- Memories of Eden
Just thought you'd like to know, our new book about the old days in Baghdad was published recently in the UK.
For details please visit or for up-to-date news see our blog
If we can be of any help or you wish to have some background to the story please don't hesitate to contact us. Help us get the blog going. we are linking to you, both there and on our website, and if you can link back we'd appreciate it.
Thanks and best wishes,
Tony and Mira Rocca

***Looking for my family
I came to Netherland 13 years ago, my mother is jewish, her name is (Doris Youssef hisqeel)
I am very intersted to know about my mother family in Israel ,they left Baghdad under (Operation Ezra and Nehemia ) in 1951-1952 .
I have three uncles and one aunt there names are:
1. Hisqeel youssef hisqeel 2. Semakh youssef hisqeel 3. Ghazi youssef hisqeel
4. Noor youssef hisqeel My grand mother name is (Noshah)
If any body knows about them please contact me, and thank you very much.

***Al-Hikma graduates
Dear Friends
I am trying to find my old friends from Al-Hikma who graduated in 1968 and 1969, I am looking to contact Emil Somekh, David Shamash and others,I am in regular contact with del Darwish, I meet Diana said while ago, and also Moshi.
It will be nice to be in contact with you lot, I lived in the UK since 1973 and travel a lot to US
Hope to hear from you lot.
Usam Nathan

***Oral histories of Iraqis in the royalist era
I would greatly appreciate it if you could deliver the message to Mr. Yheskail Kojaman.
My name is Hala Fattah and I am conducting a project on the oral histories of Iraqis in the royalist era. I was given your name by a good friend, Dr. Sami Zubaida. I wonder if you would like to participate in the project or alternately, if you could help me locate Iraqi-born Jews who would like to converse with me on that period......
I have done over 30 interviews with primarily Sunni members of the old landed families, as well as with representatives of the emergent middle classes and the new group of professionals that began to dominate in the 1950's, such as doctors and lawyers as well as artists and writers. But I have not yet approached Jewish landowners, merchants, labor unionists or political activists for their views on the period of the monarchy, and I would dearly appreciate it if you could grant me one of the first interviews in this regard.
Hala Fattah, PhD.
Independent Scholar
Ammanm, Jordan

***My lost friends
Dear friends
I'm looking forward for your assistance, help me to find my dear friends who left Iraq in 1973 to London. my Jew friends where my neighbours in Karrada district. Their names where Fawsi, Fawsia, Elham and Hiam. Their fathers name was Yakuub. Please help me to contact them again, because I'm really miss them.
My Regards,
Ghalib Salman Al-Rubaiey

***Jamal, Kamal, and Jalal Tweik Family
I am lookong for Jamal Tweik or his brothers who left Iraq during 1960 .
Family friend.
Usama Kamil abdul Rahman

***Displaced Jews drom Arab Countries
Please could you provide me with further details on Restitution and Registration-Latest on rights of displaced Jews from Arab countries- which is taking place on 22nd June.
Please could you confirm the venue and time this will take place.
Many thanks
Karen Zakaim

***Iraqi Jews
I was so happy to find your website.
I am Shirak Khojayan, 66 years old, a student at Frank Iny school (1954-57). I was the only non Jewish, Armenian student at that great school. It gave me good education.
I wish you can somehow help me contact some of my old friends, such as Munir Paniri, Samir Saati and many others. I live in the United States since 1977.
Best regards,
Shirak Khojayan

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