We will be happy to add your testimony too. Why did you leave Iraq?
Please send us your account of what happened to you, your family or friends, in any language, and we will be happy to upload it to the website. Pictures and audio/video recordings are welcome.

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Richard Obadiah tells about his father, Abdallah Obadiah -headmaster of Frank Iny School

Meir Basri

Aida Basri Zelouf

Saeed Herdoon

Maurice Shohet

Yeheskel Kojaman

Joseph Dabby

Ruth Iny Shashua

Morris Abdulezer

Salima Gabbay

Eric Abdul-Aziz Benson

Simha Nissim Leila (Sit Simha) - audio

Selman Dahud Sasson - audio

Shaul Hakham Sassoon - book

Ivy Rabee Vernon- book

Max (Fuad) Sawdayee- book

Iraq's Last Jews- book
Saeed Herdoon
Oddil Dallall
Zuhair Sassoon
Ronit Dangour
Linda Masri Hakim
Aida Zelouf
Richard Obadiah

Linda Abdel-Aziz Menuhin- video
(Linda -at the beginning, and at 6:47 minutes)
article in the Jerusalem Post- Anne Frank from Baghdad

Adel Muallem (Oded Amit)- video
Press on "more info" at the top right hand side to read the words of the song in arabic and hebrew.
Through the song Adel tells about his imprisonment and escape.

The following testimonies are in Hebrew. In order to get a translated version (in English, Arabic or any other language), you can copy and paste the hebrew text of the testimony into the following link:
Google translate

Zuheir Sasson

Joyce Hakham Daoud

Rimonda Muallem

Naji Noonoo

Linda Abdel-Aziz

Fuad Akka

Ferial Balass

Dr. Munir Shamash

Violette Hakham-Shamash

Yaacob Shaul Sopher -about the 1972 murders

Yaacob Sopher's wife

Dalia Naji Saati

Stella and Janet Rejwan

Yehudit Gabbay

Daoud Dallal

Sami Hilali

Salima Gabbay

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