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Nr. 346- Wed,29.Dec.2004 15:10:22
Name = Charles Joseph Timman

country: New York, USA
I am the "Charles Joseph Simon" that Fiona Cameron is asking for. I was at Edinburgh University in 1967. I now use the official family name of Charles Joseph Timman which was the registered name in Iraq. Please pass my e-mail address on to Fiona so that she can reach me. I am now living in New York.

Nr. 345- Mon,27.Dec.2004 01:11:55
Name = Orly Halpern
My name is Orly Halpern and I'm a journalist who spent one year in Iraq. I found your site on the internet and enjoyed it immensely!

Nr. 344- Thu,23.Dec.2004 08:58:25
Name = Ghalib AL-Rubaiey
Dear friends, this is Ghalib Salman again. I've already wrote to you I am still looking for my lost friends who left Baghdad in 1973. I miss them so much. their names are Fawzi,Elham,Fawzia and Hiam. Please help me find them.

Nr. 343- Wed,22.Dec.2004 19:13:15
Name = Lawrence Short

country: Iraq
My name is Lawrence and i am working for a U.S. contractor in Iraq. I have come to meet and become friends with an Iraqi interpreter who wishes to get in contact with jews from Iraq. This Iraqi states he has original files (approx 100ea) of Jewish Iraqi people who were expelled from Iraq and there citizenship, wealth, companies, and estates taken from then. These files are proof of there ownership. The range of these docukments are from 1940 to 1970. Please advise me of interest in these papers and if you are interested in talking to this man. I have worked with this man and I do trust him.

Nr. 342- Wed,22.Dec.2004 9:39:46
Name = Muhammad Al Dolaimi

country: Iraq
From our institution, human rights institution, in Babylon \ Iraq we would like to send you our greetings hoping that we could have the chance to cooperate with you through our different works that spread all over the country. those works include the cultural, scientific, and human sides that are a simple part from the process of building our new Iraq. As the head this institution, we hope that you will contact us.

Nr. 341- Mon,20.Dec.2004 12:14:23
Name = Khalis Mahmoud Khalis

country: Qatar
I Would like to request your assistance in locating a very dear friend of my family who migrated with his family from Iraq, at the beginning of the 70s. He was a very kind doctor, who treated all patients in our neighborhood for free and provided them with free medicine as well. He was a very close friend of my father. The only information I remember is his name: Dr. Muneer Salman. He lived in Elwiyah near the Unknown Soldier monument in Karada, Baghdad. Please, if you can, provide me with his e-mail address, tel. No., Fax No. or any other contact means that you have about him. Thank you in anticipation for your efforts.

Nr. 340- Fri,17.Dec.2004 21:20:56
Name = Ziad Najm

I'd like to enquire about a friend of the family, his name is Saleh, he left Iraq in the late sixtees. He was close to my grandfather Mahmood Jawad AlShkarji and the late singer Muhammad AlKubanji. With many thanks.

Nr. 339- Sat,11.Dec.2004 9:53:16
Name = Qassim

to Rachel Noy, the daughter of Ahmed Sousa is dead. I think you can get information if you write to Baghdad University.

Nr. 338- Fri,3.Dec.2004 8:38:14
Name = Morris Loya

Hello, My name is Morris Loya, What a great website that I stumbled on. Thank you for all your effort.
I used to live a few doors down from Edwin Shuker and I am wondering if there is a possibility to contact him via email. Thank you in advance. Morris Loya.

Nr. 337- Tue,9.Nov.2004 16:16:53
Name = Sami Sourani

country: Ottawa, Canada
I studied in Iraq in Adel's Elementary School. I had many friends- muslims, christian, armenian and childanis. I would like to find out if some of the friends we had in Iraq are still remembering the Jews who were forced to leave, I wish to exchange emails with them. Sami

Nr. 336- Fri,5.Nov.2004 22:37:43
Name = Rachel Noy

country: Israel
I am an Israeli student. I am writing an article about the Jewish historian Ahmed Sousa who converted to Islam. l will be thankful if someone can help me reach his son/daughter or grandson or anyone who can tell me about his family. Thank you.

Nr. 335- Thu,4.Nov.2004 15:02:48
Name = Ammar Allose

country: Iraq
I am an Iraqi living in Baghdad and my mother always remembers her best girlfriend and neighbors from Al-Bataween near white palace. The name of her father Anwar Peris. My mother wishes to know anything about their news and how she can contact them. I remember this family has a son, name Sabah, and the father worked in steel trading in Basrah. Please anyone who knows anything about this family, send an email as soon as possible. Best regards.

Nr. 334- Sun,31.Oct.2004 12:48:26
Name = Roos Hoogakker

country: The Netherlands
I have been trying to reach Mister Kojaman but the email came back. Can someone tell me how to contact Mr. Kojaman? Thank you so much.

Nr. 333- Sat,30.Oct.2004 18:07:56
Name = Wisam Potrus Kandela

I am an Iraqi christian who left Iraq in 1963 (no politics). I have been reading your report on the web site (Maurice Shohet) and came across the name Issac Dallal. Our house was dead opposite his in Al Masbah. He was renting his house from Ms Zakia Kasir. As children, Issac used to be kind to us, he once gave my brother a watch, I think he had an agency for some company. Please get in touch.

Nr. 332- Mon,25.Oct.2004 20:08:15
Name = Eli Shahrabani

I am the son of the late lawyer Naim Eliyahu Moshi Shahrabani z"l, and my mother Sagidah Abraham Moshi Khalaschi. I left Iraq 2 days before Rosh Hashanah in the year 1991 just after the 1st Gulf war where I was a soldier in the Iraqi army in the Iraq Iran and the Gulf wars. My mother just gone out of Baghdad 8 months ago.

Nr. 331- Sat,23.Oct.2004 12:13:27
Name = Michael (Mowaffak) Sitto

country: San Diego, California
Three days ago, I saw the last portion of a Jewish Iraqi called Sasoon. I believe that he was taken to Israel to be close to his children. Sasoon is over 90 years old. I believe that this person was our neighbor in Sinak, Baghdad. There was a jewelry person named Sasoon who lived across of our house. I would like to know if this is him. My family and I would like to say hi to him. I need to know about his children also. If someone can convery this to him, I'll appreciate that.

Nr. 330- Fri,22.Oct.2004 20:37:29
Name = Abbas Abdul Ridha Al Khayat

country: UK
Dear Friends, Thank you very much for your effort to find my old Iraqi friend, it was great to phone him and talk to him after more than forty years. Thanks a lot.

Nr. 329- Thu,21.Oct.2004 14:58:50
Name = Fiona Cameron

country: UK
When I attended Edinburgh University in the 1960s (I graduated in 1967) I was friendly with Charles Joseph Simon, also a student at the university, whose family lived in Baghdad. I think Charles's father owned a cafe or restaurant close to the city centre. I have often wondered - particularly in recent times - what happened to the family, and to Charles in particular. Can you suggest any way in which I may be able to find out?

Nr. 328- Mon,18.Oct.2004 14:41:55
Name = Dalia Hochman

country: Israel
On October 2003 there was a news item in Israeli newspapers about 400 Jews from Iraq who had insurance in Iraq and now this insurance company is looking for them to give them the money. I would like to know were can I find information about this or whom can I contact. Thank you for any help.

Nr. 327- Sun,17.Oct.2004 13:04:16
Name = Noury G Maine

country: Rochester, New York
I left Baghdad in 1971, a friend of mine who studied with me in primary and secondary school, Abbas Abdul Ridha Al Khayat and lives in Birrmingham, UK is looking for me. I will appreciate it if he can contact me.

Nr. 326- Sat,16.Oct.2004 22:16:04
Name = Jacob Muallem

country: Israel
1. I am looking for old friends back in 1958-1966 from Diawnia. The names are: Jassem, Hassan, Kathem, Faisel Al Tornatchi. I appreciate assistance to find and contact them.
2. I had friends in primary school DAR AL- TEFULA boarding house between the years 1957-1958. They were collected by the family at late night from the boarding house. We were together in 4th grade, since then I have not heard from them: Ajiel, Khamise, Faisel Al Yawer. Also my friend Nabil (his mother was a known singer Ahlam Wahbi). To refresh the memory of my friends from those days. they must remember the night when we smashed all the school glasses (windows and doors) and were punished and paid for the damages.
3. In the years 1963-1966 I was in Baghdad College boarding house. I studied in classes 1C, 2C and 3C and had many friends. Together we had an unforgettable time and memories. I hope that through this message I will find some of them.

Nr. 325- Sat,9.Oct.2004 21:15:24
Name = A. Zandana

country: Iraq
I am living in Iraq, I am a muslim but I love iraqi jews because all them are iraqi. I hope the day will come when all will return to iraq.

Nr. 324- Tue,5.Oct.2004 14:45:27
Name = Yoav Abras

country: Denmark
I am looking for my family from Al-Amarah and would like to see some pictures from there. Thanks.

Nr. 323- Sun,3.Oct.2004 21:56:30
Name = Rizgar Khoshnaw

country: Sweden
Dear Antony Borden (Executive Director, Institute for war and peace reporting)
I read your notice about Dr. Sousa's daughter Aliya. It was sad to hear. I am Rizgar Khoshnaw born in Shaqlawa (kurdistan of Iraq). Dr. Sousa's summer house was very close to us and I guess is still there. When I was growing up I heard a lot about Dr. Sousa, I don't know who owns the house now, at the end of 1979 the house was still called Ahmad Sousa's house. It is so sad ... Kind Regards. I will always understand Jews as a Kurd. I feel your destiny.

Nr. 322- Tue,28.Sep.2004 18:44:56
Name = Steven Ishaq

country: Virginia, USA
I am one of the ten iraqi students who are now studying in the united states. I respect the jews and the iraqi jews. I want to be your friend. I know u have some rights in iraq, ur lands and ur homes. I respect and always will. God Bless u.

Nr. 321- Mon,06.Sep.2004 12:42:16
Name = Eli Sawdayee

country: Israel
I have a link to my website through your website : Postcards, Reminiscences.
My website address was changed to:
The old address does not work any more.
I want to wish you Shana Tova.
P.S. I am looking for Edward Khumara from Australia, if anyone knows about him, please contact me.

Nr. 320- Mon,30.Aug.2004 03:25:27
Name = Haim Salman

country: Israel
I would like to inform you about my new site which is called: The Tradition of the Iraqi Jews. I have built this site in order to help people learn all the tunes of the Tefillot of the Iraqi Jews and the songs (Piyyutim) that they used to sing at the Synagogoue.
I am sure that the members of your site will be happy to listen and read the various subjects of the site.
I am Hazzan at Beth Kenesseth Beth Yosef in Jerusalem Israel.
the address of the site is:

Nr. 319- Thu,26.Aug.2004 20:57:58
Name =Ahmed Almufti

country: Iraq
We are a popular Iraqi folklore music Chalghi Baghdadi and Maqam ensemble established in 1996. We would like to take the opportunity to showcase our talent and tradition to the general American public to signify a true change in American-Iraqi relations. We play traditional musical instruments 8000 years old and belong to the Babylonian and Sumerians civilisations such as Santoor and Joza.
We understand that the Iraqi Jews are really interested in our type of music and songs and most of the famous musicians and Maqam singers were Jews and they are the inventors and the developers of that art.
During our visit to London we were honoured to meet the Iraqi Jewish community in UK through three concerts and also we had the chance to meet the great Iraqi writer Mr. Haskeel Kojman who was really amazed of our performance.
We are quite honoured to visit USA in September 2004, As we are invited to perform some concerts to the Iraqi and American public to prove to the whole world that Americans and Iraqis relationship has developed in many ways and to give the American people the opportunity to see the true face of the Iraqi culture.
We are looking forward to meet with the Iraqi Jews in US, as we are sure you will be happy to memorise the nice days in Iraq. We will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Nr. 318- Tue,24.Aug.2004 23:38:37
Name = Abbas Abdul Ridha Al Khayat

country: Birmingham, UK
Dear friends I am an Iraqi from Diwania (160 km south of Baghdad), I would be grateful if you could tell me what is the best way to find out about one of my Jewish friends. His name is Noory Jebra'il, we studied in primary and secondary school together. We finished Baccalaureate in 1962, I lost touch with him at about 1965. I would love to contact him again.

Nr. 317- Mon,16.Aug.2004 00:36:37
Name = Habib Tomi

country: Norway
I am an Iraqi citizen living in Oslo, Norway, and I am writing about Iraq's history. I have one section about Iraqi Jews. Pls inform me how can I get some information about this matter.

Nr. 316- Sat,14.Aug.2004 00:39:41
Name = Ghalib

country: Iraq
Dear friends, My name is Ghalib. I'm from Baghdad. In 1973 I lost my best friends and neighbors when they left Baghdad to England. Their names were Fawzy, Elham, Fawzya and Heiam. Their fathers' name was Yakoob and I believe that years will never space between us and soon we will meet again. Please, if anyone knows anything about them let us all know and I will be waiting in patience.

Nr. 315- Wed,11.Aug.2004 12:12:49
Name = Saman Jabbary

country: Germany
I am a kurdish man from Kirkuk. I remember that my father spoke about his jewsish friends in kirkuk. I will be very happy when the Iraqi-jews will be back to Iraq. Iraq is for all (Muslim, Christian, Jews, Yezidi and others)

Nr. 314- Mon ,2.Aug.2004 08:13:11
Name = Maurice Sawdayee

country: Israel
I have just opened your site and enjoyed its contents. However I have a question. Is the site exclusive for jews who left Baghdad in the 60's and 70's? What about the mass immigration of the 50's that almost finished the old community over 2000 years heritage? The reason I am writing this is that I published a book: The Baghdad Connection, that I hope is still available at Or Yehuda, Israel. The book received excellent reviews and sums up the community's movement from a traditional one into a modern one before either the Muslims and Christians of Iraq.If you have not heard about it you may find it at Or Yehuda.

Nr. 313- Sun ,27.July.2004 11:47:50
Name = Hussain Allawi

country: UK
I went to Baghdad in March and I went to the School, the Malaab and to the Synagogue but it was unfortunate that there was no one to let me in. I saw the school and went around it. Also saw Amal Hayawi's house which was close to the school. My regards to all and love to see you all.

Nr. 312- Sun ,25.July.2004 21:33:56
Name = Michelle Shasha

country: USA
Wonderful website! Thank you.

Nr. 311- Sat ,24.July.2004 06:50:01
Name = Mohammed Al_Baghdadee

We all Moslems & christians know that you have suffered a lot when you have been in Iraq before, but we believe that most of you are eager to visit Iraq again & taste the Iraqi food (Gemer Arab,Semech,Kabab) ...memories in Iraq can not be deleted from your minds.
I'd like to tell you something ....Let's rebuild our country again (it takes time but we have to) I've been told by many people that Iraqi Jews are nice persons, hard workers, well educated... we are not going to treat you badly again.
Babylon lion welcomes all the Iraqi Jews (Ladies & men). It is your original home..welcome home again.

Nr. 310- Mon,19.July.2004 18:19:10
Name = Sardar Yousuf

As an independent consultant, I have been approached by a real estate broker asking for help, for both humanitarian and business reasons, which are not very clear for me either.
He is trying to establish contact with the remaining members of a Jewish family used to live in Taajeel district in Erbil the city in the north of Iraq immigrated from Iraq during the 1950 s.
It will be highly appreciated if you kindly advise if you are or you know someone who used to, himself or his elder family members, live in Erbil / Iraq once upon a time.

Nr. 309- Sat ,3.July.2004 00:50:10
Name = Lilian Shlim

country: Israel
To Hussain Allawi- Just tonight a friend showed me this website and I am very very happy to hear from you. We were in Frank Ini together, with Edwina 1965-66, 3rd sec class. Do u remmember Hamza bus school driver, your house and the cat! Back to history!

Nr. 308- Thu ,1.July.2004 20:45:33
Name = member of Ohel David Synagogue

country: England
We all wish Mr. Ghassan Naim Cohen the president and the chairman of the Sefardi synagogue in London, Golders Green- Ohel David Easterm Synagogue, for his effort and time and scales to refurbish one of the first Sefardi synagogues in north London after was found in 1960.
The time has come to refurbish this beautiful Synagogue. He is changing the Hechal ,Tebba and New chairs, all from Israel, all flooring including of full re structurally re organised.
Thank you Ghassan, also to the doners, they play a good role in helping to progress.
A very proud old member.

Nr. 307- Thu ,9.June.2004 10:35:21
Name = tsj dezdari

It is with great pleasure that I wish to seek your kind help to find an iraqi jewish friend who left iraq to Holland (most prbably Amesterdam) in the middle of the eighties. His name was Raphael Heskel Raphael, born in Basrah at around 1960. He had two sisters Huda and Shatha.I don't know if he stayed in Holland or not. I strongly wish that you can help me in finding my lost friend. If you need any further information please contact me. I am looking foreward to receiving any mail from your nice site. Thank you so much.

Nr. 306- Mon ,7.June.2004 22:19:13
Name = Anthony Borden

country: England
I would be most grateful if you could email me any comments you have on Dr. Ahmed Sousa. As you may know, his daughter, Aliya, was killed in the Aug 19 bombing, and I was just looking into the background of this interesting family. With thanks.
Anthony Borden, Executive Director, Institute for War & Peace Reporting

Nr. 305- Sun ,6.June.2004 2:25:33
Name = Efrat-Osrit

country: Israel
Hi, It's more than one year that I am trying to find-out where my grandmother's grave is, all what I know is: Her name was F'aarha (her mother's name was Maa'htoka), we are not sure but her father's name was Izhak. She came to Israel from Bagdad in 1951 and from there her family moved to other place and she moved to the hospital in Pardes-Hana-Carcor. There were three hospitals and I don't know in which one of them she was. She died between the end of 1967 and beggining of 1968 year (I was born then). We know that she is buried in Pardes-Hana, so we went to search there but nothing! Probably no sign on her grave, because no one visited there. I tried to search her Identity number at all the institutions, hospitals and organizations here, no results!!! It's really strange that a person came to Israel, lived and died here and nothing is left, not even his Identity-Number. I must to find details about her and it's very important for me and for our family. So any details or sources will help us a lot. Thanks.

Nr. 304- Sat ,5.June.2004 00:53:59
Name = Dr. Sarab Akram Fadhil

country: UK
Dear Sir/Madame
I am Dr. Sarab Akram Fadhil, I am Iraqi (Muslim) living in UK.
I started my schooling aged 4 (1956) in Manahaim Saleh Daniel in Senek, Baghdad. I finished my primary education in this school in 1964, and moved to Frank Aini for higher schooling. Unfortunately I left Frank Aini after that and went to a state school. As you can imagine all my friends and teachers were Jews, and I still have very good and nice memories about that period in my life. All my time in Manaheim Saleh daniel I did not feel any prejudice or discrimination from teachers and colleagues, which I cannot say the same about Frank Aini as Abdalah Aubidia did not accept me first in the french section, but he did so at the end because of the insistance of my father. However, Aubidia did everything to drive me out of this section including failing me in all subjects and suggesting to my father that I would pass if I move to the English section.
As I said, I still remember my friends and teachers and would like to hear from them.

Nr. 303- Fri ,4.June.2004 21:57:56
Name = Dr. Muder Constantine Samaan

country: Ireland
Dear Madam/Sir,
I'm looking for an old friend who studied medicine with me at Al-Mustansiriyah University and graduated in 1993. His name is Faiz Nadum Minasshi [unsure if the spelling] but I heard that he had left Iraq to the UK. I'd be grateful if somebody that knows him or his family could pass on the message as I haven't spoken to him in 10 years Thank you in advance and best regards.

Nr. 302- Tue ,25.May.2004 00:45:47
Name = Kevin

country: France
hello brothers, I am Iraqi, living in France. I left Iraq in 1977. I remember my father telling me nice stories about jews and their music and how they were good workers. He loved them and he missed them..Iraq is your country and welcome home. My love to all of you and God bless you.

Nr. 301- Mon ,24.May.2004 01:25:17
Name = Shimon

country: Belgium
Good day,
I would like to have information about my mother's family name: Aharon.
My grandfather left Bagdad in 1926 and emigrated to Jerusalem.
Thank you for updating me.

Nr. 300- Fri ,14.May.2004 09:36:27
Name = Talal Dezdari

I am iraqi person from Basrah city, looking for my old friend. We lived in Basrah, in an area called Sabkha Kabeera. His name is Rofaeel Heskail Rofaeel, He has two sisters, the oldest name is Shatha, and the other sister name is Huda. Also he has two uncles, Naeem(who died in Iraq) and Yaacoob. Mr.Rofaeel left Iraq to Holland (most probably to Amesterdam) in 1983 (plus minus one year), and later on his family (mother and sisters) followed him. His uncle Yaacoob followed them in the begining of the nineties. At that time we were living Moslims, Jews, Christians and Mendenians, with no difference, all are Iraqi. I had a good relation with that Jewish family, and I liked my friend (Rofaeel). I lost them, and because of known reasons (in the past era), it was so difficult to ask about them.
I strongly wish that if anyone who knows anything about Rofaeel or his family, to be inform me, and I will be so grateful to him.

Nr. 299- Sun ,11.May.2004 22:26:17
Name = Jennifer Langer

country: England
My name is Jennifer Langer from London, UK and I am collecting literary work by Jews who had to flee from their countries of origin (excluding Holocaust affected countries). This is for an anthology for which I have an interested publisher. Literature can include diaries, memories, anecdotes, descriptions, experiences of living in Iraq, of leaving, of exile, of return etc in poetry or prose. I am Jewish and my parents were refugees from Germany. I should be most grateful if you would send me some literary pieces.

Nr. 298- Sun ,5.May.2004 18:29:12
Name = Shimon Shimon

Shalom aleichem! Your website is very exciting! Thank you very much.
I am interested to purchase The Maqam Music Tradition of Iraq by Yeheskel Kojaman (with 2 CDs) and a book form of The Best of Baghdad Cooking With Treats from Teheran by Daisy Iny. Do you know where I can buy them? Thanks a lot.

Nr. 297 - Sun ,4.May.2004 17:55:02
Name = Mona

country: USA
I met an Iraqi guy two days ago and we were discussing books, I told him about Mona Yehya's book, he was so excited as he knew her when they were children, their families were friends, his father and her father (jack) were business partners, and he knew her brother, Nazar. He wants to get in touch with her. His name is Nameer Shammas, he lives in Richmond, Verginia. I told him about the site, jews who left baghdad..., he saw her photo, he knew her instantly, said she looks like her mother.
Thank you for all your help.

Nr. 296 - Sun ,4.May.2004 00:10:47
Name = Namir Shammas

country: USA
My name is Namir Shammas. I am a childhood friend of Mona Yahia the author of the book "When the Grey Beetles took over Baghdad". I was talking to another Iraqi immigrant while visiting in Arizona and she mentioned the book by Mona. I would like to write to Mona and get in touch with her. Our fathers worked together in Baghdad and we often visited and played together. I appreciate greatly passing this message to Mona and would love very much to hear from her. I have often thought about her, her parents, and her brothrr Nazar. Best Regards.

Nr. 295 - Sun ,26.Apr.2004 23:58:09
Name = Leah Ben Tradyon

country: Israel
Could you tell me more about Sassoun Ben Shlomo and his life. His father was a Rabbi. I believe that I have just become acquainted with one of his sons. If the person referred to on this website is the same one, as was described to me, I think that he must have had a very interesting life. I would like to learn more about him. Thank you.

Nr. 294 - Mon ,26.Apr.2004 12:53:16
Name = Aly Alabassi

Reading through all the entries, particularly those of Edwin Shuker, it is obvious that the Iraqi Jewish community has deep seated feelings for their country of origin. Many, I am sure have ambitions of returning simply to connect with their past. I am also sure that there is still a Jewish community in Iraq (small though it may be!). Is there any reason why there isn�t a jewish representative in the governing council which is supposed to represent all factions of the Iraqi community? It seems that this vital and ancient component of Iraqi society has again been forgotten, something which we should all aspire to correct.
Best wishes to all of you.

Nr. 293 - Sun ,18.Apr.2004 14:22:06
Name = Furat Ahmed

country: UK
I am looking for some good neighbours who used to live next door to us.
We lived in 52 Area in the same street as Frank-Iny School.
Our neighbour had daughters and sons: Suzan ,Boran ,Sofia were the daughters and the sons: Khodor and Naim. Their late father is called Moshi. If anyone knows anything about them please let me know. I live in the UK now and I would really like to talk to them.
Thank you.

Nr. 292 - Mon ,29.Mar.2004 13:14:28
Name = Israel Joshua

My father emigrated/escaped from Baghdad around 1920. He lived in an area called Hilla (I believe) hence his name Halawi (Saleh Halawi). The story goes that when he reached the age of conscription, his family dressed him up as a girl and shipped him out. He landed up in calcutta - india. The reason for the disguise was because the Iraqis were on the lookout for young jewish boys of conscription age, but not girls. My father's father was Sasson and mother was Farha. He had 3 sisters, Masuda, Salha & Helen and a brother Abraham.
If you can add any more to this information, especially family history, it will be appreciated.
Thank You, Israel Joshua

Nr. 291 - Fri ,19.Mar.2004 00:48:11
Name = Helmut Kadir

Shalom, I come from a small Kurdish village called (kulajo). It was located in Kifri district of Kerkuk province. There was a big orchard called (bax-gawra) it was was very nice and had every kind of fruit in it. It was owned by a person we all knew that he bought it from Jews when they left Iraq. Another site still exists in that the region called (tapay-kalan), it is a big hill but we all heard that once it was a village that belonged to Jews and they all left to Israel. Still, nobody knows what is inside that hill. We, as Kurdish people, like Jews and we wish that one day they'll come back to Iraq, just as anybody else that was deported from their homeland. In that village we have Jews married to the Kurds and we would like very much to see them back to the land of Mesopotamia where we can all live together again. Thank you for the great website and peace to all. Helmut Kadir.

Nr. 290 - Wed ,17.Mar.2004 18:55:19
Name = Sami Nir (Naji)

country: Israel
It was very emotional to read through your guestbook and to remember old friends from back home.
Thank you for a job well done!

Nr. 289 - Sat ,13.Mar.2004 08:19:25
Name = Setrak Iskenderian

country: Los Angeles, California
My name is Setrak Iskender, born in Baghdad Iraq 1960. I am an Iraqi-Armenian; my father attended a Jewish school in Kirkuk (Northern Iraq), during the late 1920s & the early 1930s. He was satisfied with their education & treatment & he decided to let me & my younger brother Aram Iskender to attend Jewish schools.
I was admitted to Menahem Saleh Daniel Elementary in the early 1960s; Miss Kanawaty was the principle Miss Marcel was the vise principle I graduated from there in 1972 & attended Frank Iny School (Mr. Abdullah Obedia was the principle). I spent 1 year and after the nationalization of the education in 1973 the school was closed & went to another school. Ironically, I returned to graduate from Al Nithamiyah High school (formerly known as Frank Iny). My life in those schools & inside the Iraqi Jewish community was so great, wonderful & still lingering in my memory.

I can still remember most of the names: Yousef Salim Dallal & his cousin Dawood Alber Dallal, Saleh Murad Eliahoo, Saleh Hiskel Khadoory, Jack Shukur, Rita Shoohet, Rita Shamoon, Guilda Meir, Guilda Moshy, Samir Haiawy, Souad Khadoory & many, many others. Still to the time I left Iraq in 1995, my best friend was Dafer Fouad Eliahoo to whom I wish all the good luck, & I was best friends with Yas Naji Hikmat who left to Netherlands & Farah Naji Nasim who suddenly disappeared, then I knew that she left the country, both in the early 1980s.
After I immigrated to USA (thank God for that), in 1995, I was dreaming to see, hear from or even meet any of Menahem Daniel's schoolmates, until by chance I visited the 9neesan site & clicked on the link for Iraqi Jews who left Iraq, & the guestbook that brought tears to my eyes, when I read almost all the comments.
At present, I am blessed to have a Persian Jewish supervisor at my work, he is a wonderful person & my brother is blessed, too, & works as a Senior Technical Administrator for another Jewish owner.
Please, I'd be honored & blessed, if any of those who were mentioned above or remember me (I apologize if I unintentionally forgot or misspelled any name) contact me. I live in Los Angeles California.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Nr. 288 - Fri ,12.Mar.2004 13:27:18
Name = Khansa Ottman

country: Sydney. Australia
I am Iraqi born in Samawa in the south of Iraq from a muslim family. I live in Sydney since the 1994. My family told me that in Samawa a lot of jews used to live there. They are all gone now. It is really sad. I feel so emotional when I read this website. I love all Iraqis regardless of their faith or race.
Cheers, Khansa Ottman

Nr. 287 - Wed ,3.Mar.2004 03:02:10
Name = Ammar El-Iraqi

country: Canada
I would like to thank the webmaster of this site for bringing together Iraqis from all over the world, keep up the great work.
To all our Iraqi Jewish brothers and sisters, my message to you, which is every Iraqi sherif's message too, is to let you know that we, the Iraqis of Moslim, Christian and other faiths, have never forgotten you, you will always be part and parcel of your Iraq, Intoo Juzu' la yetazeja' min al Iraq, you left Iraq after you helped build it, after you made yourselves and all Iraqis proud of it, Saddam destroyed it, now is our chance to rebuild it and make it a better place to live for all Iraqis.
Savlanoot is all it takes my dear cousins :)
Love, Ammar El-Iraqi

Nr. 286 - Sat ,28.Feb.2004 06:32:06
Name = Aida (Ruth) Bazi

country: Australia
I am an assyrian form kirkuk, left Iraq for Australia in 1991, and always absolutely loved the jewish people all my life. I am so speechless at the moment, I can't say anything now but GOD bless you for your effort to bring this site up on the web and for getting so many iraqis to express freely and with no fear their love to the jewish brothers. I won't say more now because I want to read all the messages and enjoy them and then later will comment on some of them individually. Again GOD bless you and bless all who love Iraq this much from all their hearts. I hope the day will come soon when we can hopefully go back and live there side by side with our jewish brothers like the old days. Love all, Ruth

Nr. 285 - Mon ,23.Feb.2004 19:53:40
Name = C. Cohen

Now that there is some access to Iraq, can someone start an inquiry about the disapearance of the Qashkush family in 1971? How can we forget the young and innocent Joyce, her 2 brothers and their parents? Any suggestions of what can be done?

Nr. 284 - Mon ,16.Feb.2004 00:17:20
Name = Haim Zafri

country: Totonto, Canada
My parents were Baruch/Ajami from Baghdad. Another of my family's last name is Japal and Habakook. My family left Iraq for Israel 1951. Anyone knowing of these names please contact me. My family name now is Zafri.
Haim Zafri

Nr. 283- Sun ,8.Feb.2004 21:46:21
Name = Mona

country: USA
Changing of street names in Baghdad during the Saddam period.
Arasat el Hindiya is still called Arasat, but they (HE) decided to change all the street names years ago, the addresses became.. Communities, districts and streets�or Hai, Mahalla and Zukak , Arasat became Hai Al Jamia�a (university), Al Saadoun became Hai Al Wihda, (unity), and so on�but Jumhuriya street (surprise) became Shari�e Ghazi, it used to have this name before the 1958 revolution, then it became the republic street, but when the relations with Jordan got better and king Hussein started his many visits to Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war, they became bosom buddies then, so as a favour to the Jordanian king he renamed the street Ghazi, but we still call it Jumhuriya...habits die hard. In reality, he wanted to call everything in his name, once we had a big discussion on TV about Nawas street, the poor historians were forced to smear the poet�s name, they said he was a drunken homosexual and worse�Persian, they argued a lot about changing the name of the street, as it encouraged drinking and whoring in this beautiful street of our beloved city!!!! One of them jumped and said �Eureka�, I got it, we should name the street�guess what? SADDAM Street! Everybody clapped and agreed, as usual. But, to tell you the truth I don�t know what happened later on, as the street kept its name and even if they did change it, WE would keep calling it Abu Nawas, we are a nation of (Enadiyeen). He changed the name of Thawra city to Saddam city, but we kept calling it Thawra, and now they (the Shia�a) changed it to (Al Sader City), but I think it will continue being thawra, as Sader is going to be a great joke, or it is by now, they are proposing naming Al Mansour to another body part name (bottom city?)
That's all for this time.

Nr. 282 - Sat ,7.Feb.2004 22:16:20
Name = Basil
I looked at your website and I felt very very happy ...
Your website shows my old school and we call it (al-nedamya high school) but you call it frank iny .. I knew before that it is called frank iny, but only a few people know that. When we asked about the history of the school nobody said anything about this school being built by jews. I think people were scared from our government or saddam people ..but I discovered in 1986... At that time I was little a bad boy and I didn't like class so I went to the back of the school and I hid in a very big hall I don't know what you call it, it looked like a church and in front of the hall there is a small basement (3m*4m) and I hid there always. One time I saw a book written in jewish language so I asked about it and somebody told me it was a jewish school before called frank iny and from that time I never forgot. and now when I saw the website I felt very happy ...

Nr. 281 - Fri ,30.Jan.2004 22:16:20
Name = Jim Soffer

country: Philadelphia, USA
I was just referred to your website by a friend. It is certainly wonderful.
You may be interested in visiting the following website which has wonderful pictures of Iraq:
The picures are from a site of Yasser Tabbaa, an Islamic art historian who wrote extensively about Islamic architecture of Iraq and Syria. I am looking for business contacts, specifically importers, in Iraq
Jim Soffer

Nr. 280 - Mon ,26.Jan.2004 20:26:20
Name = Leah Teicher

country: Israel
Our friends are looking for their aunt Malka Reuven from Sulemaynia.
She is believed to be living in Israel in Ramat Gan.
Anyone who knows her please contact us. Her family has been looking for her for almost 50 years. They lost contact with her when coming to Israel on 1951. Their family's name is Reuven and married to Shimoni also from Iraq - Kirkuk.
Thanks in advance, Shalom,
Leah Teicher (friend of Reuven family).

Nr. 279 - Sun ,25.Jan.2004 11:42:20
Name = Sam Sweiry

country: UK
I am trying to trace the family tree for the Sweiry family- Sweiry/Swery, Baghdad or Bahrein
I was born in Baghdad 1941 and attended the Frank Ini School when it was first built with the memory of melted asphalt leading to the school road and the smell of the sandwiches filled with hard boiled, tomato and AMBA eaten during the breaks. I used to love those TA-OUZI cucumbers and the smell of the fish beeing cooked on open fire in the middle of the river. the mastik ice cream and the horse drawn carts driven along the multi-colour tree lined river bank of the Tigris during the summer evenings. Yes, we used to sleep on the roof with the white nett curtains round the beds, watching the stars.
My father Meir Sweiry left Baghdad to Beirut in 1950. then I was sent to Whittingham College in Brighton in 1957 followed by my brother George to Handcross & Brighton. the rest of my family settled in Ramat-Gan.
Will love to hear from those old enough to remember Frank Ini School when it was first built and those friends I made during my time at whittingham College.
I am now semi-retired and spend my time between North London and Sovereign Harbour Marina Village in Eastbourne, East Sussex - UK

Nr. 278 - Sat ,24.Jan.2004 08:16:20
Name = Hussain Allawi

country: UK
Dearest all,
No words can express my feelings when I opened this website that I got from my dearest friend Souad Peres. I would love to hear from all my friends and all that I grew up with in both Daniel and Iny schools. Love to all

Nr. 277 - Sat ,10.Jan.2004 17:59:29
Name = Thais Shukur

country: Switzerland
I am Iraqi Swiss, left Iraq Oct.1983
Dear Edwin: You did a great job. A big BRAVO to you. I mean ..hey..all the photos..abul lablaby, abul nafit..souk al betaween, Frank Iny school.. the description of your feelings and emotions.. it is just fabulous.. By the way, are the dates in your photo souk al betaween real or artificial? All seems to me unreal !!!!
My sister visited Baghdad last month (she hadn't been in Iraq for the last 30 years), she called me every day, she wanted me to share with her her emotions, she said.. I feel this is my home..I hear Iraqi dialect in the street..she asked me what I wanted from there..I said..KA'AK (Iraqi cookies) and GAIMER from Karrada. I received them 3 days ago..believe it or not I have been eating both everyday.
My next vacation will be in Baghdad.

Nr. 276 - Sat ,10.Jan.2004 03:16:29
Name = Gina Steinberg

country: Canada
I am looking for a very good friend of mine who went to school with me in Ramat-Gan, Israel. Her family name was El-Ani, her first name Gila. Her father used to have a business of very fine fabrics. I left Israel in 1980 and now live in Montreal, Canada but I would really love to know where my friend is now. I know she had family in Montreal. Thank you for your attention, Gina

Nr. 275 - Tue ,30.Dec.2003 10:45:18
Name = baran

Dear Friends,
This short message is coming to you from the ancient kurdish turkish city of dyarbakr.
I am waiting for the vehicle that will transport me across the border to zakhoo.
Our aim is to end the day in the magical city of salahuddin where we will be staying the night. We will be passing through mosul on the way to erbil and salahuddin. Tracing back our escape route of 32 years past is almost a reality but for sure it is stranger than fiction. Over the past 24 hours I have been alone with my thoughts as very few people speak any language besides turkish and kurdish.
Tomorrow we will finaly be able to pay personal and communal tribute and express gratitude to the kurdish people whose kindness allowed many of us to start new lives away from the oppression and killings of saddam husain.
Tomorrow we will be meeting the very same person who drove us back in august 1971 across the border and to freedom. Tomorrow we will be settling a long overdue debt.
My transport is here and I am on my way with your prayers .

Nr.274 - Sat ,27.Dec.2003 14:52:57
Name = Bassim Petros

country: New Zealand
Hello, will it possible for you to help me find any website related to 'Madrasat Shammash' in Rashid Street-Baghdad; this is important for me, because my father (Hanna Petros) worked as the Head Master 'Mudeer' there for a couple of years.
Thanking you in anticipation. Basim

Nr. 273 - Fri ,26.Dec.2003 16:39:04
Name = Joy Atraghji
r>country: England
Jack Atraghji would very much like news or to be able to contact the following people, who live in Israel and with whom he has lost touch.

Samir Saati
Sabah Nathim
Nouri Bakhash

Nr. 272 - Fri ,28.Nov.2003 18:24:16
Name = Simcha

country: Israel
I'm Simcha, a woman, daughter of jews from Iraq, who immigrated illegally to Israel in 1949.
We all live in Israel.
In 1997 my father wrote his memories about how he and my mom escaped from Irak via Iran. The name of the book is: Over borders and seas....on a road without a road......The story is very interesting, but unfortunately it's written in Hebrew, so only poeple who know Hebrew can read it...
Nevertheless here is the URL where one can find the book:

Nr. 271 - Thu ,20.Nov.2003 00:20:45
Name = Robert Aslan

country: England
I really feel that the jews of Iraq are turning into the forgotton jews.
My dad is an Iraqi jew born at the worst of times, 1942. His family and himself suffered a lot and I don't want this suffering to be forgotton by the world, just like the ashkanazi jews don't wont the holocaust to be forgoton.
I being the son of an Iraqi jew born in London will make sure the world never forgets.

Nr.270 - Sat ,15.Nov.2003 06:48:23
Name = Ahmed Majid

country: Danmark
I hope that you will be back to your country Iraq, we are Iraqi first and we will live together peacefully in our Iraq.

Nr.269 - Thu ,13.Nov.2003 13:08:26
Name = Mona

country: USA
I forgot to tell you in my earlier message about Kasir Shashoua. You should know that the family name is still famous and used constantly. Well, if a woman complains that she is feeling tired cleaning her house she will receive this comment: well, as if she is cleaning kasir Shashoua, it is called a palace and it is still there, very well preserved and I've visited it few years ago.
I heard from a friend of mine that his friend owns Kasir Shashoua, and that it is a very interesting house to see, once I read somewhere that when the first king of Iraq, Faisal the first, came to Baghdad to be crowned, they (the Iraqis) didn't have a proper place for him to live in, so this Jewish gentleman offered to give him his house to reside in until he finds a suitable place later on, and it was at that time considered a grand place suitable for a king. So, I asked my friend to take me there for a tour. The present owners of the house are the "Bunniya" family, a wealthy and prominent family, the house belonged to one of their cousins, the one I met is Isam Bunniya, he was so nice , took me around the house and showed me all the interesting sites, the Sirdab (basement), which was filled with water, he said that the Jews in the past used to take the brides for a dip in the water for good luck, I don't know if that is true!!! he is an antique collector and the house is furnished with old furniture and antique silverware, paintings and old photos as he also enjoys collecting them, the garden at the back was so beautiful, full of flowers and trees of all kinds, we sat on the Msanaya on the river and watched the sun dawn and the birds lazing on the jazra in the middle of the river, I closed my eyes and imagined how it used to look like in the old days, who was living there? where are they now? what did they eat? did they have parties there? He (Isam) was so proud of his house but I think what he really enjoys is the history of the house, well, he tried his best to decorate it in the proper way, but...
By owning the house they thought they can own its history!

Nr.268 - Tue ,11.Nov.2003 18:27:46
Name = niran timan

dear edwin
what happened to your e.mails on this sight we are all missing them.everyone from israel is asking why you have stopped writing. please please carry on your good and admired work. you just fullfiled a lot of our dreams. when I read your e.mails I couldn't stop crying and laughing you just brought so many memories back to us. we carried talking about the containts of your e.mails for days.
awaiting for the next round of e.mails.

Nr.267 - Mon ,10.Nov.2003 16:17:32
Name = Sunni Muslim from Baghdad

country: Los Angeles, USA
I always considered the migration of Iraqi Jews from Iraq to be a great loss to Iraq. I doubt Israel fulfilled Jews' aspirations. I fondly remember all my Jewish friends in Baghdad and the UK (some are now in Montreal, Canada).
Best wishes to all of you and us, IRAQIS and HUMANS.

Nr.266 - Sun ,9.Nov.2003 19:54:39
Name = Isaac Gourdji

country: England
I left Iraq in 1954 and lived in London ever since. I was not in Frank Iny and I do not recognise the photoes of the meetings. The persons in the pictures must be a genration or to after me. Thanks for the effort.

Nr.265 - Sun ,9.Nov.2003 04:51:00
Name = jack Ovadia ( Abda)

country: Holland
hallo Edwin,
I realy enjoyed reading en waching your site, please go on.

Nr.264 - Fri ,7.Nov.2003 17:05:55
Name = Carmella Attar/David

country: Israel
My mother was very happy to see all the pictures.
How can I send you pictures too?

Nr.263 - Mon ,3.Nov.2003 10:33:29
Name = Mary Nichols

I am interested in Iraqi Jews who moved to Iran after 1948. My first husband and father of my child was such a person (Family name Mahlab. As one writer notes, iqi are lovely, warm people. Now my son is 14 (my husband died just before he was born) and he too is a part of the Iraqi Jewish diaspora. I am interested in this generation -- the teenagers in America with roots in that ancient world. Any thoughts or experiences to share?

Nr.262 - Sun ,2.Nov.2003 23:43:37
Name = Janan H. Dakak

country: Iraq
This is a great web site. I lived in Baghdad and I left Iraq in 1973. I like what you have done here. I will most defiantly be a regular visitor of this site.

Nr.261 - Sun ,2.Nov.2003 14:04:46
Name = Yvette Somekh

What a great website. Please allow me the opportunity to learn more.

Nr.260 - Sat ,1.Nov.2003 22:48:45

country: NEW YORK

Nr.259 - Fri ,31.Oct.2003 19:43:49
Name = Linda Stellman (Abdulezer)

country:London England
What a Greatsite. Thanks to whoever started it.
Edwin those pictures of Frank Iny are great. To think we spent years in those classrooms and I am
sure you all remember standing outside those doors

Best wishes to everybody.

Nr.258 - Sat ,25.Oct.2003 05:09:04
Name = Mona

country: USA
I left Baghdad one month before the war started, and now I am residing in Arizona. We used to live in Elwiyah, and then moved during the early fifties to Arasat Al-Hinidya.
Most of the houses in the main street of arasat al-hindiya became buildings of two or more stories, mostly rented to offices, with shops in the ground floor. The foreigners call it Champs elisee, the best restaurants are there, with names like Babeesh, Reef, black forest, and ice cream (donderma) and juice shops and Antique shops where you can find old silver things, Benetton and BHS (not British Home Stores) but Baghdad HS. They are all great, you can find anything, perfumes and the latest fashion, eat Gass and Kebab, Pizza and Hamburgers. It became the jewel of Baghdad, very commercial.
Nadi el Hindiya is still functioning, but most of the old members (christians) vanished, and muslims and baathis took their place.
By the way, there was an explosion lately, someone said that one of the houses in the area is rented to jews who came to work in Baghdad and Muslim or Baathi fanatics bombed it.

The arasat were sold to the people who owned the houses, we bought our house back from the government and it stopped being an Arasa anymore. If you don't buy your house it goes back to the government and they sell it to others in an auction, mazad, but all the jews properties were confiscated, and sold to individuals who maybe bought them from the government, if not they put some mukhabarat or security living in them, a lot of Iraqis disliked buying them as they said it is Haram.

Our neighbours were jews, it was someone famous those days, I remember they had a son named Felix. At the end of the street there was a father and son living (no woman in the house), the son's name was Salman, I remember he was once arrested for some reason, he was short and stocky with black curly hair, and another family lived there from the house of Samra, one of the daughters studied with my brother at the engineering college (his wife Asma studied chemical engineering). Her name was Samira Samra, and her sister lived next to us, her husband was a doctor. Sorry but my memory is not so good as I was young when you all started leaving, but what I do remember is the that our neigbors used to ask us to light the stove for them on the Sabbath. Old people never forgot famous names, Jack Aboudi, Gurgi Rabee and Sasoon Hiskail and others, till now when someone is acting crazy they tell him to go and see Jack Aboudi!
I had a friend at Frank Ini, Shamsaban al Haidari. I didn't know plenty at your school, as I was at Rahbat since kindergarten till I finished high school. Then I went to mustansiriya. By then there was no al-Hikma university anymore, although I have many friends there.
My best friend's father was Ahmed Sousa (Nasim Sousa) the historian, he converted to Islam during the thirties. She unfortunately died during the UN bombing in Baghdad, Dr. Alia Sousa.

One day I went with a friend to visit a synagoge in Baghdad, that was maybe during 1995-6, we searched for it and when we found it we parked the car somewhere where no Amen or Mukhabarat will see us, walked there and entered, there were jews praying, most of them old, the Hakham and his wife were ancient, she was making or embroidering showls, it was a Saturday and there must have been a celebration of some kind, as they were distrebuting AS (Yas) leaves. We also met a fairly young gentlman compared to the rest, maybe he was in his late forties or early fifties, he is an engineer and he said he worked for
one of the government ministries.

I read the novel "Victoria" in Baghdad few years ago, the novel reached Baghdad through a UN worker who was a friend of friend of mine, it was given to me to be read in three days as there was a queue waiting to read it. it gives a real account of the life of the jewish community in Baghdad from the first world war until the 1958 revolution. I am looking forward to reading Mona Yehya's novel, it seems we are both from the same generation and I still do remember the VW Beetle era...

Nr.257 - Fri ,24.Oct.2003 14:21:42
Name = Ammar Mirza

country: USA
Dear Edwin,
I found this web page from a link in, your message brought tears to my eyes,
I was crying and I hope no one notice me in the office. It's been 23 years since I left Baghdad, I truly miss our Kabab, Leben Arbil, Abu Nowas, sleeping on the roof!!. I told my wife about Baghdad trip, she too cried, it's been only 3 years since she left Iraq.
I hope one day we all return to Iraq and live in harmony, I think Iraq's neighbor should leave us alone, we can live together in harmony regardless of origin or religion.

Nr.256 - Mon ,20.Oct.2003 06:34:17
Name = Danny Dallal

Dear Edwin,
Thanks to you,I found this site."Sahh-El-Nome".
While I think you were nuts to go to Baghdad, It was still very brave, and, reading your "letters from Bagdadica",I almost started to feel nostalgic and sentimental,and then the memories and bitterness came back.
I think you will find that those families with personal losses will always feel different.
Genuine apologies from those who celebrated that day in tahrir square might be a good start.
Also, good article in "Newsweek".Well done.
PS. That desk you saved from the school, It wasn't mine was it?

Nr.255 - Sun ,19.Oct.2003 02:59:16
Name = Kathi Pearlmutter

country: Israel

I love your website! My mother shirley sawdayee left baghdad in 1960 to the usa. she is a daughter of heskel and senoira (ivy) sawdayee, who escaped from iraq in 1968. Senoira's family lived in Burma for about 10 years in the early 1900's. I am interested in finding out more about my ancestry and putting together a family tree, and also finding out more about baghdad jews who lived in burma. I would appreciate any feedback.

Nr.254 - Fri ,17.Oct.2003 09:38:02
Name = Nazar Yousif Kashat

country: montreal-canada
dear iraqi brothers/sisters,& dear mr.E.Shuker:thanks a lot for updating us about iraq"land of antiquities".I am graduate from 2 great schools,BC & HU.Personalley I am christian & had good relation with the iraqi jews,& maintained this relation up to date,even though left iq more than 25 yrs ago.Still have my contacts with iqi jews all over the world including il.I strongly believe that iqi jews are v.loyal,emotional& great lovely friends.They lived in iq 1000s yrs ago,& have their heritage there just like the chaldeans,arabs,asyrians, kurds,mandaeans,...etc.I wish the jew come back to iq to claim their rights, properties & rebuild their great school F.A.Should I go back [even for few yrs]then i am preapared to support & co-operate.All iraqies of different rites, religions can live in peace & harmony.May almighty God unite us again.God bless iraq & all of you.

Nr.253 - Thu ,16.Oct.2003 16:57:56
Name = S.A. Afar

country: UK
I am a pharmacist practising in UK. I am interested in introducing Israeli Medicines and Healthcare Products companies into the Iraqi market, can you help?

Nr.252 - Tue ,14.Apr.2003 15:43:33
Name = Roni Lawee

country: Israel
I had tears in my eyes reading your guestbook. It made me remember forgotten friends and places that I was forced to leave.

Nr.251 - Mon ,13.Oct.2003 13:08:17
Name = Rana

country: England

edwin's messages are very touching, and although i was there myself last year, the more i read the more i am itching to get back there..i really hope that what edwin has done will encourage others to also take the same journey..and though it may seem like a dream...or maybe even to some...confronting a place they associate with heart not put off...iraq will cool down..i pray...and i also pray you are all welcomed back to your country..iraq has missed you all!
as for edwins choice of foods...i'm sorry...but nothing beats bamia shakari!!
as an iraqi, sending this message to her fellow iraqis...i look forward to the day when baghdad bustles once again in the presence of all her children...returned from exile.
anyone interested in forming some sort of forum to help unite the iraqi jews with other iraqis don't hesitate to contact me...ideas and suggestions and even opinions will be most valued.
faithfully- rana.

Nr.250 - Fri ,10.Oct.2003 13:38:27
Name = jack dabby

country: israel
Edwin hi,

very happy for the occurence of this opportunity
to visit our childhood base. Even a little envy.

Please continue with your reports - we are anticipating a lot of them.


Nr.249 - Fri ,10.Oct.2003 13:31:25

i was unable to trace the original and the best(saadoon street near al hurryeh pharmacy) there is a shoe shop in its place . however i understand that several similar kurdish style kabab shops have copied the original . the best is situated just on the opposite side of the saadoon .the name escapes me but it could be Samaran.i was mesmerised as i watched the vendor liberally apply summaq to the beatifully char grilled thick and wide pieces as he placed them
on the usual kosat khubiz .i saw many shops exclusively selling leben arbeel and leben al shimal and as long as one is not too squeemish about hygiene the shnina tastes great.
this was my first morning breakfast . at 6:30 am in a side street close to the erkheita market . it was washed down with 4 estikans of thick aromatic chai each sweetened by 3 heaped spoons of sugar. this was the healthy option as i swear my fellow patrons were having patcha and tashreeb (at 6:30 am!!).i did ask for Bran flakes and skimmed milk but i believe they had run out of this option.the kaimer as thick as half a brick was historic.a view shared by about 100 flies .
while shopping in souk el safafeer , i spotted this colourful arabana with a huge ge-der
of lablaby. the choice presented was : tasa or paper cone . i opted for the tasa and then much to my escort's amusement and disgust i asked for "hamith" . the vendor produced a bottle with a yellowish liquid and sprinkled on my tasa .i took a digital movie of the scene and showed it to him .he had never seen anything like it . he absolutely insisted that i should eat another tasa of lablaby as a reward for the thrill i gave him. half way through the second large tasa with "hamith" i felt very close to throwing up.
Bajillah and M-kha-llila .
what a combination to have on the same arabana .outside el madrasa el mustanseryah.both delicious and very yummy on their own . however for the sake of research and mainly to be able to report to you ,i decided to have a portion of each .not a wise idea.
time is up . subject of food to be concluded after the eed(2 days) hag sameach

Nr.248 - Fri ,10.Oct.2003 10:56:35
Name = Nassar F.

country: The Netherlands :

Dear Jewish cusions :
My name is Nassar , I came to the Netherlands in 1994 as a refugee, now i have the Netherlands citizenship , I born and growen up in conservative Christain family whom it is completelly pro-Israel , but in Iraq no one dare to express about his feelnings towards Israel ,moreover it is not allowed to us to mention the name Israel because Israel in the terms and idea's of the Iraqi authorities and the Iraqi moslim society does'nt exist , we must always say the zionist entity .Now In the Netherlands I have a very good relations with Jews ,we talk freely about our idea's without being afraid that someone is litsening for us or being afraid of arrest .This is the real freedom , of expressing about what you think without being afraid.
Anyone of the Iraqi Jews would like to contact me, please dont hesitate to write me on my e-mail address:
HaSha'na HaBa� Bi Yerushaliem
Shalom, Nassar F.

Nr.247 - Fri ,10.Oct.2003 04:01:57
Name = Isaac Amit / Muallem

country: Israel

Dear Edwin ALWARED
Wellcome back ! Your trip did a lot to our spirits and emotions.
I join Kthuor's request and consider organizing a virtual demonstration demanding immediate release of all documents and pictures.
Pls update regarding what happened to Ammi Hassaaaan from the Mala'ab Bottles Recycling Movement ( MBRM )? Is Abu-Yonan ( Nhajam Betu )ready to compete with other Berger chains ? Did you eat Nabeg ?
Take care and Hag Sukkot Sameyah

Nr.246 - Fri ,10.Oct.2003 03:59:15

Never mind the philosophical and sentimental remarks and observations, let us get on with what really matters : what happened to jabbar aboo asharbat?
well my friends jabbar has left us to a better world(the rest in your lives i.e. al bakia fee hayat-kum).
the good news are his sons have taken on the business and there are now Two establishments selling the absolute unique thirst quenching pomegranates forgets the intense flavour of the iraqi fruits compared to the perfectly shaped but tasteless equivalent we get in the west.there has been one fundamental change in serving the no longer gets crushed ice but a solid chunk which does not get thrown away but is rinsed together with the glass(same thick version with a handle) in one masterly hand movement ready to serve the next customer .
ABOO YONAN: can one possibly reminisce about our time in baghdad without thinking of the unbounded joy of finally reaching the moment when you are selected from among the dozens jostling for attention by the fryer at ABOO YONAN .while your order is being processed you can begin to salivate in anticipation of locking your jaws on the mother of all hamburgers .
well there is no longer a kiosk or even a chain .there is instead a range of frozen meats readily available at your favourite super market( sorry but Salloumy has closed few years ago).due to dietary restrictions i am unable to report on the taste . somehow i cannot believe it can compare to the original experience.
to be continued shortly

Nr.245 - Thu ,9.Oct.2003 19:21:38
Name = Amir

country: Czech republic
Shalom my brothers...
I am Amir , i am Iraqi Muslim Shiite ,my family were exiled 26 years ago and i was born in the exile ,I hope we all build our democratic country and live again in harmony and love .

Nr.244 - Thu ,9.Oct.2003 17:18:26
Name = Kheder Shukur

country: USA
Aku amal that we see some of the Baghdad pictures any time soon?! I take it we are still waiting for Eyal Shuker to show his dad how to download the pictures to the web!
Kthouri Shukur

Nr.243 - Thu ,9.Oct.2003 08:48:13

MEIR TWEG: the only synagogue still functioning as such.i almost forgot how grand and majestic are our synagogues .when i was there they were in the process of kosher slaughtering chickens for yom kippur and delivering to those who have asked for it. they are not sure whether they will ever slaughter meat again .last time they did was in the beginning of the year and there were not many takers. the caretaker is a young moslem who protects not only the synagogue but the few jews who reside there in the residential extension. the sefarim are as magnificient as ever and the hechal contained 2 superb ones donated by the shashou family ; i also saw a haftara one donated
by the gabbay family.
for security it is not easy at all to gain entry and the people in charge wish to keep as low a profile as possible .the lack of law and order and the location of the synagogue meant that the few jews there remain on their guard as we have done throughout our lives .
the synagogue as you will see from the pictures is in a good decorative state and well maintained.i doubt whether any services have been held there for a very long time . certainly there was no attempt to have services for rosh hashana and i don't see any chance in the future either.
i saw the abandoned tannoor where they used to bake and pack "jradiq" for passover and the slaughter house with ancient fridges next to the main building.
i spent time on the first floor (the ladies gallery) recollecting how when i was a young child i used to sit with my mother and my grandmother watching a jam packed synagogue erev rosh hashana with aboo elyahou conducting the most entertaining part of the service : the MAZAD !
i tried to locate the couch(kanafa?) where my grandfather papa Sion used to sit and god forbid if someone who does not know better,attempt to get near it .there are still hundreds of siddourim all over the place.who knows! in few years we might need them again.all told it was eerie to note that so little has changed:the tehba,the hechal,the carpets,the kanafat,the msahifs,the sefarim . the synagogue is simply frozen in time .
the battaween market:almost as i remember it .i stuffed a hot sammoona with an istikan tea before i had time to count the dinars i need to pay (approx 2000 dinars to the dollar).guys someone should acquire a franchise baking hot sammoon with the crusty knots at the end.i purchased all the ingredients for rosh hashana which were readily available . the loubiah was divine!i also could not resist "fistaq abeed" freshly roasted.
a new edition to the market is "mazkoof el shahid" . this establishment is known throughout baghdad producing the freshest and cheapest mazgoof in baghdad of every available type of fish together with a delivery service.needless to say the fish is alive swimming in basins and all one has to do is to point to the desired fish which will condemn it to a delicious meal complete with hot khubiz and zlata-b-amba . i had mazgoof either for lunch or dinner almost every day.awafi.
i looked for fathel aboo el jeben who was my dad's favourite grocer and lo and behold my escort told me that although fathel had retired his son has taken over the business.his son was so touched with my story and that i looked him up after 32 years that he insisted on relaying the story to his elderly father .the goodwill generated that afternoon was enough to light up a city.
the shelter: the community maintain a shelter for the elderly and weak .it is visited daily by a caretaker who insures the cleanliness and safety of the residents. currently the place is occupied by a single lady resident who has a last wish . to be allowed to die with dignity in baghdad her birth place.
next instalment: aboo yonan ,kebab and leben erbil and jabbar aboo el sherbet

Nr.242 - Wed ,8.Oct.2003 09:56:14

dear friends
i spent the last years before leaving baghdad in my grand parents house in the rawaf district off al saadoon street few blocks away from al battaween and the Meir tweg synagogue with the one and only aboo elyahou as the hazzan .i escorted my father almost daily to the battaween market sometimes using the ARABANA NORMALLY PULLED BY TWO OLD AND HUNGRY HORSES .i remember fathil aboo el jibn and hussain aboo el sammoon etc.naturally i begged my hosts to take me there first . apparently the area was no longer as safe or as comfortable as it once was and i was advised to choose the right time of the day when it is crowded for safety.
once i reached sahat el firdos (el jindi el majhool) with the imposing blue mosque i became very agitated and almost hysterical with excitement . this was my patch ,my territory,my cycling i tried to remember shops and sites sometimes memory and imagination mingle together and i am no longer sure whether the barber shop was the one i used or not.the entire saadoon street and much of that part of baghdad looked tired ,very tired ;neglected;dusty;very the time i reached cinema el nasr and findik baghdad (recently occupied almost entirely by american officials and heavily protected ) i insisted on dismounting the car and strode headlong towards our street and our house . i spent sometimes taking pictures;checking the neighbours , buying a Miranda orange fron the kiosk opposite the house. and then suddenly someone came out of the house and asked me why was i taking photos of his house!normally any one of us would freeze to death when challenged but not now ; now every iraqi is tasting a kind of utopian freedom which does not exist even in the west . there are no police;no ammen ;no tax collectors ;no authority no nothing .so we had a conversation ,a pleasant and long one and he invited in!
next meir tweg , the shelter and the Battaween market

Nr.241 - Wed ,8.Oct.2003 01:22:59
Name = Ivy

country: London, England
I, along with all of you, cannot but heap full praise on Edwin's bravery. His is the true pioneering spirit. I cannot wait to hear more details. A small e-mail from Kerradah, a big step for Iraqi Jewry.

Nr.240 - Tue ,7.Oct.2003 14:25:23
Name = Huda Ali

country: London-UK
Dear Mr Shuker..I am Iraqi muslim young lady..I was so happy that the ancient school still exists..i thought it was destroyed or something.thank God its still there!! I cant wait to see the photos of the old school...i hope uncle sam doesnt change it completely to a modern should stay as old and ancient as it was before...with few changes as necessary!!

Nr.239 - Tue ,7.Oct.2003 06:28:54

dear friends
the incredible interest shown in every detail of my trip by our community testifies that our connection to our life in iraq and to each other is so strong that even after 35 years we are all desperate to know ,to see , to hear and to relive a chapter of our life that in the word of one email i received remains open and even people who have professed a complete closure on the past are calling me to ask whether the water fountains /toilets at Frank Iny are still there!!
today's email is about frank iny
FRANK INY : the school still looks and feels as if we left it yesterday . it is divided into two schools . the smaller one incorporates the back section where the school coaches used to park ;plus the "tijary"classrooms plus of course the covered structure where we used to play "hand" ball (does anyone else in the world play that game ??) this section is used as an independant infant school and is entered from the street where the coaches used to enter .the main section of the school is used as the ie'dadiyah el nithamiah and believe me nothing has changed not the doors,locks windows,staircase etc.the americans have decided that every single school in iraq must get a facelift . when i visited the contractor had just finished painting the entire school so it looked clean and fresh but besides the paint not a single structural change has occured in 35 years. the water faucets and the toilets at the back were as we left them even abou kathim' s kiosk is still there . iguess amba ou nisf samoona will be around 1000 dinars! . the entire stock of the desks and blackboards were being cleared in front of my eyes ready for disposal and waiting for the new stock courtesy of uncle Sam . the contractor could not believe his eyes as i spent so much time trying to read the messages inscribed on the desks usually by means of a firjal.i purchased a single desk for history!
the sad thing is the total collapse of the ceiling covering the large assembly hall. the stage is still there looking worse for wear with no roof and completely cut off the main building and the entire area is used currently as a garbage dump.
i will post pictures as soon as my 11 year old son Elan teaches me how to transfer from the digital to your website.!
as with every place i visited the images of the past overwhelmed me . again the contracter could not begin to understand my nervousness as i entered the inner room of the late ustath abdallah and my imagination went straght into the main notice board looking for the results of the lijnat al inthibat! i insisted in going from classroom to another in turn tracing my progress through the school and vividely hearing madame vignolle ,sit sonia ,usthath is-haq etc.i walked repeatedly along the open air corridor emulating dozens of couples pacing the space backwards and forwards . i had to pay the place a second visit without a camera and i entered it as if it was a "holy" site :a museum of memory . the collective memory of a whole community.
next instalment: the malaab and meir tweg

love to all of you

Nr.238 - Sat ,4.Oct.2003 19:29:28

dear friends
after 11 emotionally exhausting days i am back at home in london safe and sound .Physically baghdad was but few thousands kilometers away but it feels more like i was in another world.a world we used to inhabit a long time ago and at times we tried to forget and sweep aside the memories as we busied ourselves building a new life for us and our families .a world that most of us were convinced will never see again.yet there i was on a fine september morning flying over baghdad with the Tigris in full view winding its way through the city and in its reflection i began to connect with the past and my heart started to beat loud and fast in anticipation .
landing at baghdad international airport i was unable to control the tears.i cried for our ancient and noble community now spread across the world cut off its roots and in danger of disappearing within a generation or two .i cried for my father who passed away less than a month ago without the opportunity of visiting his birthplace and that of his ancestors for 2500 years . i cried for our malaab ,frank iny,our synagogues,our homes,our prophets and our legacy.i cried for those who were tortured and killed and never saw the end of saddam . i cried tears of joy and gratitude to the almighty for granting me this wish to reconnect with our roots and our history .
right now i am too overwhelmed with the experience to be able to describe it coherently but i will do so in few days and will share with you pictures and stories.
i am touched by the dozens of e mails i received by readers of this website . each one of them gave me pleasure and strength.
i am certain many of you will do this journey over the next few years and we pray for a free and safe iraq for all its inhabitants.
edwin shuker

Nr.237 - Wed ,1.Oct.2003 10:14:13
Name = Darius Shamoun

country:I am an assyrian iraqi from sweden.

I just would like to say hi to all iraqi jews how live in iraq and outside iraq.The assyrians and the jews with all other iraqis should work together to rebuild the new iraq (land betwen 2 rivers).I LOVE U ALL GOD BLESS U ALL!.POSHON BESHLAMA

Nr.236 - Mon ,29.Sep.2003 10:20:44
Name = Haim Nuriel

country: UK
I am Looking for member of the Nuriel family.

Nr.235 - Sun ,28.Sep.2003 01:55:10
Name = edwin shuker

country: writing from iraq
Dear friends
i have returned to baghdad for the first time since august 18th 1971 and i am writing this short message from a Kerrada internet cafe!!i am totally overcome with emotions and sentiments as i trace places of our childhood and youth. frank iny,malaab,souk el battaween,elmasbah etc etc .
on friday night we celebrated rosh hashana with full traditional ceremony in a private house sitting on the Tarma(veranda) overlooking the tigris. we had loubia,kerrath,dates,pomegranetes etc and the ceremony was conducted by emad levy( the son of ezzat and the late sit saidah). i am staying for few more days and then returning to london .
i wish you all a shana tova and tizku leshanim rabboth. i am hopeful that in the next few years many of you will go and visit our birthplace
a very emotional edwin shuker with love

Nr.233 - Mon ,22.Sep.2003 03:52:25
Name = dinohatahet

country: UK
I am looking for Mr. Myer Shemtob, who is originally from Iraq. He came over to the UK London mid 70's, and that is where we met and formed a good friendship. I was his best man at his wedding to Nicole (French lady) and he immigrated to Canada, and I believe he moved to Australia.
I would be grateful if you could trace the above person. If you have any knowledge of his wherabouts, please let me know.

Nr.232 - Fri ,12.Sep.2003 11:31:48
Name = rana al-tajir

country: england
shalom, salam
i am an iraqi but have lived in england most of my life.
i am greatly interested in the history of the jews from my country. i often visit iraq and would liuke to start some kind of initiative for iraqis of all faiths to mix and perhaps for jews to visit iraq or maybe even relocate there one day.
the jews are a major part of iraq's history.the iraqi maqam was stated by jews, the modern iraqi nation was built by jews,

even the founder of iraq's financial system was a jew by the name of haskeel.
i would be grateful to hear from anyone wishing to partake in this project or just someone who can give me information.
there are lots of sterotypes out there but believe, many non-jewish iraqis have a great respect for what our fellow iraqi jews gave to our country and regret the day that you left or fled.
i look forward to hearing from you.
ma'a salama and lehit!!

Nr.231 - Mon ,8.Sep.2003 14:48:28
Name = Viva Dangoor (Meny)

country: Israel
this web is a great idea god bless you all!!!

Nr.230 - Thu ,4.Sep.2003 18:25:57
Name = Florence (Nee) Moses

country: USA
Does anyone have information about the Jewish soldiers who died in the First World War...My grandfather Moshe Abdul Aziz (ben Shaul) went and never came back--we have no trace of him. Any information would be appreciated.

Nr.229 - Wed ,27.Aug.2003 21:13:27
Name = moshe salman

country: london, UK
I will be glad to hear from menahem daniel school friends. we had to leave Iraq in a hurry and I didn't have time to say goodbye to anyone.

Nr.228 - Sun ,24.Aug.2003 23:35:14
Name = Nuha

country: Canada
I would like to get to know iraqi jews. I am Mandaean/aramiac/ from iraq who is living in toronto. I would like to have jewish iraqi friends.
If u would like to know more about my religion go to and serach for Mandaean. Thanks.

Nr.227 - Fri ,8.Aug.2003 18:41:11
Name = T. Israel

country: USA

Shalom! I have recently learned that my ancestors came from Iraq...if anyone knows where I can learn more about families with the last name of 'Israel', feel free to email me! I am currently self-studying Hebrew. T. Israel

Nr.226 - Sat ,2.Aug.2003 01:40:57
Name = Dalit Herdoon

country: England
I am an intern at CNN London researching a story idea about Jews that left Iraq over the last fifty years. The angle of the story would be those living here in London, preferably, that are now interested in going back to Iraq after the fall of Saddam's regime. They could be those interested in going back simply for a visit (to show their children their Iraqi roots), those interested in going back to reclaim their property, or those Iraqi Jews interested in returning to help rebuild Iraq.
I would appreciate any assistance you can give me, as this is an important story for me personally, being an Iraqi Jew myself! (my father's story is on your website. Thanks.
Dalit Herdoon, CNN Intern

Nr.225 - Sat ,2.Aug.2003 01:34:40
Name = Kaye Youngkin Territo

country: USA

I am not Iraqi, I am an American Jew, and wish to share with you my potential opportunity. I am an Artist / Artisan and have worked on and off in the Middle-East for 20+ years, did quite a bit of restorations in the Palaces and commercial attache's. I may go to Iraq when it appears safe to do restorations. Wish to have a kinship with other fellow Jew's. Thanking you for this time. Kaye Territo

Nr.224 - Mon ,28.Jul.2003 04:21:56
Name = Rita

country: Switzerland/Savion
I would like to get in contact with Itzhak M., ones Ramat Gan. Remember 76/77. You should have got a card last of Mexiko.
I have seen the film:"Forget Bagdad" of Samir. I learned some more about Iraqi Jews.
I would be pleased to hear of you.

Nr.223 - Wed ,23.Jul.2003 19:13:37
Name = Haidar

country: Britain
Dear all friends;
I am a Failyee Kurd (born in Baghdad, but my family and relatives were deported and forced to live out of our homeland). I was compiling some information about Kurds and failyee kurds when i came across your website. could you e-mail me if you know any decent website that has information about the failyee kurds please. and, by the way. I have to tell that i am glad that people in iraq got rid of brutal regime (by the help of the international coalition).
I wish you all the best and may all of your wishes become true.
Sincerely; Haidar.

Nr.222 - Wed ,23.Jul.2003 04:17:03
Name = Natasha Dunnoos

I would like to find somw imformation about my Great uncle Moshe Dunnoos from my mothers side and my Father's side. Any imformation would help. Thankyou for this service

Nr.221 - Sun ,13.Jul.2003 09:21:53
Name = Bakhtyar Aljaf

Dear Brothers
I hope that we are able to visit our country.
Please how i can got informations about the Jews of Kifri.
Thanks and best regards

Nr.220 - Fri ,11.Jul.2003 23:29:40
Name = Jennifer Langer

country: London,UK
I am Jewish and am compiling an anthology of literature by Jews who fled from Iraq and other countries.
The writings can be in diary form, poetry, stories - both imaginative and autobiographical. The writers do not have to be famous. If I can collect sufficient work, the anthology will be published by Five Leaves. Through the literature, an insight would be gained into the real experiences of Iraqi Jews both in Iraq and in exile. A consequence is that the book and the publicity accompanying it, would raise the profile of the case of Jews who fled from Arab lands.
I run Exiled Writers Ink! based in London
I would be most grateful for any leads you could give me and any help would be credited.
Best wishes, Jennifer Langer

Nr.219 - Sun ,6.Jul.2003 22:34:40
Name = Simon Abda

country: London, England / New York, USA
I'm looking for information on my family. Family name is Abda. People may know my grandfather Sassoun and his brother Meir.... if any one is familiar with either of these names and/or my family name please email me.

Nr.218 - Mon ,30.Jun.2003 22:58:33
Name = Sargon Esho Marano

Country: Chicago, USA
My name is Sargon Esho Marano, I am an Assyrian from Baghdad Iraq, I worked with a Jewish family steel business in "Sahat Siba'a" (Lions square) in Sheikh Umar st. in Baghdad for many years. I was still working there when the Bath Party took over in Iraq under the leadership of Ahmed Hassan Al-Baker and Saddam Hussein.
That was when they (party members with Green strap on their shoulder) wanted to arrest me, and that is when my friends at the place that I worked helped me to run away and hide and avoid being arrested. they even sent me money even though I was not at work.
Which brings me to the reason I am writing: I worked at Khdori Dabi family steel business. in Baghdad.
his partner in Basra was (family name) Pares. I am not sure if the first name was Anwar. His brother worked with us in Baghdad and his name was Yousep Pares. and the most wonderful person of all was and I hope still is the accountant of the firm and his name is Fuad Shena.
If anyone knows anything about these wonderful people please let me know or give them my E-mail. they should be in their late 60's .
I am living in U.S. in Subs of Chicago and would love to hear from them or about them.
Sargon Marano

Nr.217 - Mon ,30.Jun.2003 12:03:40
Name = Oshrat Berko (Suad Efrayem)

country: Israel
I would very much like to get some information about/from my friends from the 60's: Yvonne Regwan, Yvonne ElKateb, Viviane Bakhash, David Atrakchi, Kamal Sawdaaei, Huda Einy (daughter of eye surgeon), Gracy and Suad Belbul and others.
Oshrat Berko (Suad Efrayem)

Nr.216 - Thu ,26.Jun.2003 15:38:21
Name = Michael Walch


I look for Gahzi Heskel. in the 1970�s he studied in Vienna/Austria and lived in a student-hotel at Afro-Asiatisches Studentenheim, Tuerkenstrasse, 9th vienna district.
I was his neighbor in the student-hotel and I lost the contact to him in the 1970�s

If anyone could match a contact to him I am very happy, if I can e-mailing. He studied economics and perhaps he went to NY.

So I hope anyone can help me.

Michael Walch
Vienna / Austria

Nr.215 - Wed ,25.Jun.2003 04:34:03
Name = Kathy Hayim

I am looking for information on my Grandfather, Hernan Hayim, who was born in Baghdad in the late 1800's and immigrated to New York City, then later to Montreal. My brother and I have no information on the Hayim family in Iraq and would greatly appreciate any information, past or present.

Thank you

Nr.214 - Wed ,18.Jun.2003 11:15:09
Name = Alexander Raubitschek

country: UK

Does anyone recall Dr Erik Raubitschek (eye surgeon)?

Nr.213 - Mon ,9.Jun.2003 04:18:04
Name = Khedher Basson

country: Israel

To my Iraqi friends who wish to get in contact with me, please note that I have recently changed my e-mail address to the one above (For Ref: my previous entry in the Guestbook was No 175, dated 24 Mar 03)

Nr.212 - Sun ,8.Jun.2003 12:11:23
Name = Yoni Petel (Fattal)

country: Canada

I am the great-grandson of Meir and Simha Fattal, who emigrated from Baghdad to Israel in 1950. I am very interested in piecing together my family tree as far back as possible. Anyone who may be able to help me out, please contact me.

Nr.211 - Sat ,7.Jun.2003 01:06:08
Name = Ammar

country: Jordan
Dear Friends and Colleagues

Thank you for the sincere efforts. My name is Ammar from Iraq, I'm Iraqi muslim, I'm very glad to see your web site, beautiful and comprehensive web site and know us with our brothers ( iraqi Jews ). Wishing you all the best and more successes.
The Iraqi people deserves all our efforts to build a new democratic Iraq.
whatever they are .. Jewish,Christian,Muslim(as me) help to rebuild Iraq again.
wish deeply from my heart that all Jewish Iraqi people will return one day to Iraq, Iraq miss you all..

Best regards


Nr.210 - Thu ,5.Jun.2003 13:58:15
Name = A.

country: Toronto,Canada

Salam to all of you .. thanks for this site .. I really like it .. was very good to know part of the iraqi Jews history here .. wish that we all IRAQI,whatever they are .. Jewish,Christian(as me),Muslim help to rebuild Iraq again ... we should be proud of Iraq ... best regards for all of you.

Nr.209 - Sun ,4.Jun.2003 12:43:45
Name = nadia daoud

country: israel
I was happy to find your website. I have been going though it for the past two hours. Thank you very much.

Nr.208 - Mon ,2.Jun.2003 03:53:57
Name = alshakarchi

Hi everybody,
I'm a 33 years Muslim Iraqi guy who wish deeply from my heart that all Jewish Iraqi people will return one day to Iraq (if they want of course!). Iraq miss you all. This land belong to you: jewish, muslim, christian, whatever is your religion, YOU ARE IRAQI (and i suppose also may be Israeli, American, British or ... French like me !).
I haven't been in my country since 21 years but I will go back Inch'allah soon. See u in Baghdad and i will invite u to eat "simech masgouf" ...

Nr.207 - Sun ,1.Jun.2003 06:59:40
Name = Josh Wander


I just returned from an assignment in Baghdad in which
I met up with some of the remaining Jewish community.

If anyone would like more specific information or has
recently (in the past decade) emmigrated and could
provide me with some information, please contact me.


Nr.206 - Thu ,29.May.2003 16:22:07
Name = Mira Khazzam

country: Switzerland

Just stumbled upon this page - how excited I was. I study in Switzerland, and am often in Paris. How I would love to meet other Jewish Iraquis in Switzerland and Paris. Connect with my roots. If anyone knows of anyone I may contact, please let me know.

Nr.205 - Sat ,24.May.2003 09:24:46
Name = Jenan Hanna

country: England

My full name (as known in Iraq) is Jenan Alber Michael Hanna. I attended Menahaim Saleh Daniel school between 1967 and 1973. I am looking for Hilda Haroon Hoki or Hogi who was at my school and who left Iraq around 1971. I also knew two of her brothers; Toni and Rubain. I would love to hear any news from her or anyone who knows what happened to her and her family.
Great site by the way.

Nr.204 - Thu ,22.May.2003 07:23:47
Name = Mugu Nwaite

country: Togo
Such a wonderful site. Keep up with your good work. Thanks.

Nr.203 - Sun ,18.May.2003 06:54:26
Name = Muna

I came to netherland 7 years ago, my mother is jewish and died in baghdad , I am very interesting to know about my mother familly in Israel, they left baghdad after 19-05-1951 under operation called ( Ezra and Nehemia ) later called ( Babylon ), My mother name is Doris Yousif Hisqeel born in baghdad 1937 - Street ( Tahet Altakya)behind knees Al-khakhaam Hiskeel .
I have three uncles and one aunt there names are :
Ghazi Yousif Hisqeel
Hiskeel Yousif Hisqeel
Simakh Yousif Hisqeel
Noor Yousif Hisqeel
My grand mother name is Noshah
My mother married to Ahmad Naser Hussain in 1950 in Baghdad.
I had a contact with the RED CROSS in Israel throug Netherland RED CROSS and Israel RED CROSS told me that my uncles and Aunt don't live in Israel if any body knows about them please contact me by e-mail.

Nr.202 - Sun ,11.May.2003 13:17:29
Name = Danielle El-Ani

country: US- New York
Hi everyone! I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Iraqi women. I especially wanted to thank my mother for being my hero. Melina El-Ani is the most beautiful, strong and intelligent woman, who has been an extraordinary mother. 12 years ago Saleh Hardoon, abandoned my mother, my sister and I. I was only eight years old and my sister was twelve. He left us with nothing, and we have not herd from him since. My mother did everything in her power to give her daughters the best life. I want her to know, as well as everyone else, that she has given me more than I could have ever hoped for. Her wisdom guides me through life. Mommy- I love you very much and I am so proud to be your daughter! �love always, your booba!

Nr.201 - Wed ,7.May.2003 19:42:58
Name = T.A. Wood

country: United Kingdom

HI! If anyone is of Iraqi Jewish background and lived in BAHRAIN I want to hear from you...the Jewish community is small there but there were once many on the islands. I live and work in Bahrain and would very much like to hear from people who used to live there.

Nr.200 - Sat ,26.Apr.2003 05:59:42
Name = Sara Mohammed

country: London-UK
I just watched on al arabiyah channel..interviews with iraqi jews in Israel!! they all miss iraq and still speak arabic.I hope someone could get me al arabiyah url, coz they might repeat the program at night!! Or we could watch it again on their website!!

Nr.199 - Sat ,26.Apr.2003 00:37:36
Name = Loay Malayka

country: USA
I dont know how to start this. My name is Loay and I'm an Iraqi Asylee in the united states of America.

I was born and grew up in Iraq in a modern family of 4 members who believed in human rights and equality.
Our neighbors in Iraq were a happy faithful Iraqi Jewish family (whom I loved and still love). At that time I was a very small kid (4 years old) who always enjoyed the amount of love I was given by this family.
Lamman was her name, a beautiful Lady in her early 20's, she took me to the Iraqi Zoo for the first time in my life, she bought me pop-corns, kissed me a lot and protected me from an ugly lion who was looking at me from behind the cage in an ugly way (in that ugly Zoo).
I cant forget her beautiful smile. I lived in Karrada and she was my Angel. Her brother liked me too but was a bit exocentric. He wouldn't spend time with me, he cared a lot about his band and drums. I still loved him... He was Lamman's brother.
Umm Lamman (Lamman's mom) was a great lady too she made the best pickles ever. Abu-Lamman was a nice bold man with a shinny look! I liked his suit, he was always clean happy and caring.

Everything was just great till that day when I saw my mom crying hard for the first time. I was 5 years old and she told me that I cant see Lamman any more. I cried hard ..And kept asking why. She told me that I will never understand.. I urged her in my own little way and begged her to answer... She wouldn't answer.

I missed Lamman so bad I went to her house that was occupied later by some dirty people who turned the beautiful house to a slump. And asked them why they didn't even care about my little question. They ignored it and gave me a bad tasting lollypop, they didn't listen to me like Lamman did.

I love you Lamman and I hate those who asked you to leave. I will be there for you and for all the people who are as loving and caring as you are regardless of their religion, orientation or beliefs.

Please come back to us. We need your love and understanding. And please forgive those who happen to have the same nationality as I had at one point of time. You are much better than all of them.
Iraq is going to be different and I will do a lot to make you and your family come back and live happily ever after.
Loay Malayka 4/2003

Nr.198 - Tue ,22.Apr.2003 00:24:16
Name = Mulhim Al-Doori

country: UAE
I would like to get in touch with any of my high school friends who were at Frank Ainy in its last couple of years, I was there for two years(Ist and 2nd years high school) and enjoyed it thoroughly. I would like to send my respects to my teachers Mr. Abdallah Obeidia, Mrs. Samha Naseem, Mr. Munir( English), Mr Isha (Mathematics) and Ms Edna. Finally Regards to all my friends from Frank Ainy: Sameer, Orna, Nadia, Nabeel, Muta'a, Hagoob, Jihan, Salwan and many others.

Nr.197 - Mon ,21.Apr.2003 07:54:27
Name = Stella Regev (Abdallah)

country: Israel
Thank you for a wonderful site. It was nice remembering my school friends, but it also brought memories of the awful times we had to endure.

Nr.196 - Sun ,20.Apr.2003 05:53:37
Name = Prof. Praxedes Lazarus Sadule

country: USA
Shalom, brothers
Go ahead!

Nr.195 - Sun ,20.Apr.2003 04:47:31
Name = Vilma (Kor'een)

country: Israel
Hello everyone!
I would love to hear from my long lost friends from Menahem Daniel, Frank Iny and Al-Hikma University.

Nr.194 - Sat ,19.Apr.2003 04:26:15
Name = a. yehuda

country: Israel
hi! I was born and still live in Israel. My father was born in Iraq and lived in bagdad. He and his family left to israel on 1951. Lately I have become interested in the family history. I know we are somehow related to the family of david sasson, who lived in india and london, my father doesn't remember much unfortunately, but there is no doubt about the family connection...
If anyone reading this has any idea about the david sasson family (I even have cousins named after him) my father's name is yitzhak yehuda, his father (who died in bagdad) was shaul yehuda,
please contact me by email. thank you!

Nr.193 - Thu ,17.Apr.2003 02:06:23
Name = F kassir

country: new zealand
The pictures of frank iny school have been very nostalgic to me.. i spent 3 years in this school, which is called al-nydamyah school after nationalisation. Frank Iny school is still vivid in the memoirs of most of the baghdadi intelligensia. What i remember from my school days, the many books that belonged to frank iny era; which were burnt in the backyard of the school by baathists' youth, The lovely "neglected" theatre whose floor was decorated with dirts and mud and its leaking roof, and the many baathists' youth who were "students" and reporting to the security apparatus...iraq was realy in its darkest history

Nr.192 - Tue ,15.Apr.2003 16:23:26
Name = A Alabassi

country: London UK
I am not a jew but I am an Iraqi exile and I hope that leaves me plenty in common with everyone here! It will be a wonderful day when all Iraqis who were forced to leave can go back to the land of their ancestors. My prayers and thoughts are with Dr. Dawood Kebai, a dear friend of my family,who passed away in exile recently. His dream was to see Iraq once more before he died. I hope that we can all realise his dream for him.

Nr.191 - Tue ,15.Apr.2003 08:56:49
Name = iraq


Nr.190 - Mon ,14.Apr.2003 06:48:10
Name = Thomas Schmidinger

country: Austria
First of all I wanted to congratulate all iraqi people, Muslims, Jews and Christians to the liberation from the fashist dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.
I�m searching for informations about the acutal situation of the rest of the iraqi Jews in Bagdad. Does anybody knows if the survived and if the last Synagogue of Bagdad is destroyed or not? Please send me an e-mail if you knwo it!

Nr.189 - Sat ,12.Apr.2003 14:01:35
Name = Tareq M

country: Kuwait
This is a reply to Ahmads from Canada who posted his ad on Dec 4, 2002 regarding to Jews who were living in Kuwait.
Salaam ahmaad,

My name is Tareq and I am from Kuwait. The only thing that my father told me about Iraqi jews in Kuwait was that they were living in Kuwait as normal people same as Muslim Kuwaiti, but by the creation of Israel , they left to Israel. The most famous persons were the brother singers Dawood and saleh elkuwaiti. That�s all what I have. Take care and have a great day.

PS, dear Iraqi Jews, Christians, and Muslims we Kuwaiti also suffered from Saddam, I have 2 cousins a male and a female who were taken as a P.O.W's during the invasion of Kuwait, and now it is almost 12 years, we know nothing about them. My female cousin's mother became crazy since that time because of the lost of her daughter that she doesn't know if she is still a life or dead. God bless you all, and I wish all the Iraqi people Jews, Christians, and Muslims a better future after the evil Saddam.

Nr.188 - Fri ,11.Apr.2003 16:34:37
Name = Avi Cohen

country: USA FT Lauderdale
My name is Avi Cohen and I am the sun of Akram Cohen son of Yehezkel Cohen from Basra and Eveline Nathan daughter of Naima Nathan. My grandfather from my mother side was from David Sasoon family, but he passed away in Bagdad. I would like anyone who new the family to E-Mail me.

Nr.187 - Fri ,11.Apr.2003 15:19:01
Name = henry Murad

country: USA ,New York City
Please add me to your guest listthank you

Nr.186 - Thu ,10.Apr.2003 22:14:52
Name = Nuha shamikh

country: Iraq, Toronto
A happy day was April 9, 2003 and I hope that all iraqis will go back to build a new Iraq.
Iraq was invaded in 1958 and the US has to get over the invader. thanks to all and G-d bless all iraqis and americans.
I read a comment from one lady said, "happy day for moslims , jews and christians...", how about: the US, the Mandaeans ... we suffered as well.
I hope that one day we will all be equal.
Good Luck to all.

Nr.185 - Thu ,10.Apr.2003 21:41:34
Name = Jeffrey Soffer

country: USA/Tenafly,NJ.Thank whoever for this site and thanks to my wife's cousins in Isreal who have known of my history as a Sephardic Jew in contrast to my wife's eastern european background. They pointed me to this site. In fact I overcame my fears and trepidations of meeting my wonderful Sephardic family members in Isreal about five years ago. In short my father emigrated from Baghdad as a 14y/o in the early 1900's as he had to run from the Turks who invaded at that time. He made a life in the US and went back to bring his bride to America in the year 1936. It is truly an amazing history as is so many of the histories of all the Jews who have had to run from where they were born. For the first time in my almost 60 years I saw Baghdad as a real city and not just one of my imagination. It is ironic that now it is being taken over for saving by the US. In the early 1900's the Brits were the ones to march in. As many of you know these events in the early 1900's spun our families around in many ways. I must admit to having an approach/avoidance conflict in coming in contact with the rest of us. My mother's family who I am ashamed to say I know so little about dispersed to England, China and many other places besides Isreal and the States. It is this side of the family I know so little about. In fact I am not even sure of her maiden name. I have recognized several of the names like David, Soffer(obviously), Meir, Azir and others as names from my adolescence when I needed to push away the history. So if there are others who I am reaching who know of my family from the States please let me know. Thank you for all the work you are doing for this site.

Nr.184 - Wed ,9.Apr.2003 17:02:27
Name = Sara Mohammed

country: London, UK
Congratulations (In iraq we say Mabrook for cngrats) to all iraqis, muslims, jews and christians!!!! i hope a new, clean future awaits iraq!!! no wars and no racism!!!!

Nr.183 - Wed ,9.Apr.2003 15:04:10
Name = Samir Ezat Muallim

Congratulations to the Iraqi poeple and friends everywhere. Celebrate this great day symbolizing freedom and new era of rebuilding beloved Iraq- honestly, away from hatred and discriminations from which every Iraqi suffered. My family left
all that they had built in Iraq for the common benefit and developement of Diwanyeh. The Baath
confiscated all and we run away for our lives.
Special regards to my friends from Frank Iny and
Al Hikma University.

Nr.182 - Wed ,9.Apr.2003 10:43:06
Name = G. Ozir

country: USA
Greetings. My father and grandparents were from Bagdad. Their name was Abdul Azer (Salim was my grandfather and Jamila was my grandmother), which was changed to Ozir in the US and Ben Ozir in Israel. My father, Ben Ozir, left Iraq as a young teenager in the 50's and my grandparents fled to Israel in the 70's. My father past on in the United States in 1995 and my grandmother past on last month at the age of 95. I would love to hear from anyone who is familiar with my family.


Nr.175 - Mon ,24.Mar.2003 06:38:42
Name = Khedher Basson

country: Israel
Great site to keep in touch and to find lost friends!
I am Khedher Basson � I studied at Frank Iny Shamash Schools and graduated in 1966. went to Baghdad University to study Chemical Engineering 1966-1970. I taught chemistry in our school in 1969-1971. My mother Miriam worked in the school as administrator. My father Selim was well known journalist in Iraq from mid 40s until he left in 1973. He edited many of the well-known newspapers of those days. I left Iraq to England in 1972 and lived there until 1995. I have two younger sisters � Kahraman (living in Israel) and Niran (living in London) and married to Sas Timan. I am now residing in Israel and work in venture capital/investment banking I will be happy to hear from friends.

Nr.174 - Sat ,22.Mar.2003 13:02:10
Name = y. Abras

country: denmark
my parents are from Al-Amarah near basra they left in 1951 the name sasoon basri/Abras.if someone have a pictures from Al-Amarah please contakt me.

Nr.173 - Sat ,22.Mar.2003 12:31:22
Name = Rick Meulenstein

country: The Netherlands.

I read in the introduction that there are also Iraqi Jews in the Netherlands. Does anyone have more information on this, I'm very interested. Good website by the way. And also a last question: what is the general attitude among Iraqi Jews concerning the war in Iraq?

Nr.172 - Thu ,20.Mar.2003 16:11:23
Name = Harold V. Clumeck

country: USA

In her statement dated 18 March, Sara Mohammed says that the suffering in Iraq was "not specific to the Jews." Jews do not deny that others have suffered. On the other hand, Ms. Mohammed's selective and mean-spirited demonization of Israel is shamelessly specific to Jews. Further, her attitude stands in stark contrast to the warm and loving comments that have poured into this website from many people, Christians, Muslims, and Jews alike. I will not respond further to Ms. Mohammed's diatribe. I hope instead that this beautiful website will remain a iraqijews/goto for people of all faiths who are of good will.

Nr.171 - Wed ,19.Mar.2003 15:44:29
Name = Glenda

country: USA

I am from the United States of America. the war is about to begin in Iraq, I was just wondering how many people wish that Saddam would leave their country, how many people wish to be free, how many people are there against their will. These questions arise and the news doesn't answer them for me. My concern is only for the civilians who are caught up in this horrible event.

Nr.170 - Tue ,18.Mar.2003 19:19:08
Name = Sara Mohammed

country: London, UK

TO: Harold V. Clumeck

More Muslims and Christians than Jews were hanged in central baghdad infront of everyone!! For heaven's sake even saddam's relatives were killed by its nothing specific against the jews!!
You can also have a look at the last story written in the "story" section of this website, it has been written by an iraqi jew who suffered to flee Iraq because of the government, he mentioned how iraqi muslims were good to jews in iraq, and u can conclude that no rasicm or discrimination of any kind practised against them by muslims!!
So its not fair to always blame muslims for jews "tragedies", because simply we all suffered!!! and still suffering!!
as for those in Egypt who burnt synagogues and mistreated jews, well jews in Israel weren't better to palestinian muslims. They bulldozed houses and killed innocent children and people.
If those palestinians were treated nicely for the past half century, no synagogues wouldve been burnt..and not a jew wouldve been killed by a muslim!!
so who should we blame here?????
answer: ZIONISM!!

PS: i know many jews who suffered from zionism themselves!! so dont try to defend it!!!

Nr.169 - Sun ,16.Mar.2003 14:09:54
Name = Susan Nochumson

I enjoyed your website. I have been looking for information on Jews in Baghdad. It appears that much Jewish history has been expunged. I would have liked to hear some of the Jewish people's stories, why they left Baghdad. Are there any Jews left? I see that Israelis and Jewish passport holders are not allowed into Iraq. Thanks so much for your information, sincerely, Susan

Nr.168 - Sat ,15.Mar.2003 09:21:32
Name = zaid hassan

best regards to the iraqi jews.i am sure that you love this our beautiful and holy land as any iraqi do.

Nr.167 - Sun ,9.Mar.2003 12:38:23
Name = Jibran Hannaney

country: California, USA
It is with great pleasure that my sister e-mailed me information about your web-site.
At Al-Hikma University in Baghdad, I had the pleasure of knowing several Jewish classmates and friends.
It is worth mentioning that on February 16, 2003, I sent a letter to President Bush and about 100 senators. And it is so coincidental that in my letter I expressed my wish that any of the Iraqi Jews who wanted to return to Iraq in a post Saddam era, that they be accepted wholeheartedly if they wished.
I am looking for Yvette Attrakchi, George Dallal, Emil Somekh, Adel Muallim,...

Nr.166 - Sat ,8.Mar.2003 02:24:26
Name = ghassan

country: Iraq, Canada
Hi all, I am Chaldean from iraq- Catholic. I just wish that maybe one day all iraqis would live together in peace and love. I was born in Basrah and raised in Baghdad and then my family migrated to Canada after the War. I'm 19 yrs old and studying Engineering at U. of Windsor.
I would love to make some jewish friends as well as christian and muslims. I just never had the opportunity to do so because of lack of tolerance from government and the culture we were raised in... So if you're interested, email me:))
sincerely, ghassan from Canada

Nr.165 - Mon ,3.Mar.2003 05:52:58
Name = Christopher Lawson

country: USA
Dear Iraqi Jews who left Baghdad during the 1960's and 1970's
I have seen your website it is excellent, keep up the great work! I wish all the Iraqi Jews the best of luck here in Wayne County, North Carolina, USA.
Cia for now, Chris
P.S. Write back when you get a chance.

Nr.164 - Thu ,27.Feb.2003 00:47:11
Name = Kharla Gabris

country: Philippines
Hello! I would just like to thank the webmaster for making a website like this because it helped me a lot in doing my project for Iraqi culture as I am still studying. Although the loading is kinda long(it's indeed long!),I learned many important facts,that its lyk I wanna go to Iraq right away!^_^ I really love this site because its great and educational unlike other sites which have sex as the main theme! Yuck!It's disgusting! Cogratul;ations and keep it up!:-)

Nr.163 - Mon ,24.Feb.2003 22:05:38
Name = Lily

country: USA, CALI

I am the grand-daughter of LILY BEN MEIR/MAZALA from Baghdad. Our family is in LONDON, AUSTRALIA, USA [NY, FLA, CALI], and ISRAEL. Reading the familiar last names, It is great to know our relatives and neighbors are thriving. I hope one day in our lifetime we will be able to go back and see the places that all the old stories arose from. En shall'ah. LOVE LILY JUNIOR

Nr.162 - Mon ,24.Feb.2003 12:15:38
Name = Harold V. Clumeck

country: usa
In her comments dated 19 Feb 2003, Sara Mohammed says that "Jews were never forced out of Iraq by Muslim people or the Iraqi regime" but by Zionism which forced the Jews to leave Iraq and go to Israel where "they are oppressed by Jews." These statements are patently absurd. It is common knowledge that Jews were being lynched in public in Iraq and one day, when 9 Jews were hanged, Radio Baghdad declared it a national holiday. Ms. Mohammed: if Muslims were being hanged in public in Britain and the BBC declared it a national holiday, wouldn't you think twice about staying in Britain? My cousins were forced to leave Cairo where Jewish nursing homes and synagogues were being attacked and set on fire. They were forced out of their jobs, one of them was hauled off to prison for no reason and for an indeterminate period of time, and their property was seized. Yes, Ms. Mohammed, Muslims & Christians as well as Jews have suffered and yes, we all need to live together in peace, but blaming everything on Zionism is not only disingenuous and one-sided, it's false.

Nr.161 - Fri ,21.Feb.2003 07:09:20
Name = land

country: Kurdistan
It is nice to find a friend among old friends. Let's all be friends. Life is short.

Nr.160 - Thu ,20.Feb.2003 17:27:26
Name = Joseph

country: Sydney-Australia
Thanks for the great work, we all Iraqis are sharing the same feelings,and I would like to assure you that not only Jews been forced to leave Iraq, but all communities have suffered the same experience, as they said that Saddam has been fair only on one thing " he distrebutes his terror fairly for all Iraqis ...
God Bless you all....

Nr.159 - Wed ,19.Feb.2003 19:31:01
Name = Sara Mohammed

country: London-UK
I would like to keep my comments short:
1) We Muslims, and Christians have suffered as much as Jews (maybe more) from Saddam's government and other govenrment. So its nothing specific against jews.
2) Jews were never forced to leave Iraq by Muslim people or by Islamic regime, but zionism forced them out to live in Israel, and to be occupied by jews instead of muslims.
The question here is, did the jews suffer from Muslims themselves, or from Zionism???

Nr.158 - Sat ,15.Feb.2003 09:11:21
Name = USKafir

country: USA
I have come to learn of this site through an Israeli soldier who is also a dedicated member of our organization called Anti-Jihad International. We strongly support Israel and her ongoing fight for freedom. God Bless all of the Jews who once lived in Iraq and hate toward the enemy who afflicted them with pain.

We stand against Muslim agression and Muslim Extremism. I lost 8 comrades at the Pentagon whom I once worked with. Retired US Navy, dedicated to the eradication of extremists from Islamic countries.

My God shine upon Israel

North American Branch
Anti-Jihad International

Nr.157 - Thu ,13.Feb.2003 09:09:06
Name = Arielle Levites
br>country: USA
I'm looking for information about the Agababa family. I know my family left Iraq in the 19th century and went to Hebron. Are there Agababas who stayed behind?

Nr.156 - Mon ,10.Feb.2003 22:06:28
Name = R. Syed

country: Canada
Oops, forgot to include my contact information. My work # is 416-205-7965 and my cell # is 416-873-8959. This is in regards to the previous note.

Nr.155 - Mon ,10.Feb.2003 22:04:13
Name = R. Syed

country: Canada
Hi, this is a wonderful site!
I'm an associate producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and I am leaving for Iraq on February 24. While there I will be filming a documentary on the Jews in Iraq.
If anyone has any contacts with the Jewish community still living there, please advise me. I understand there are 38 left.
I appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

Nr.154 - Sun ,9.Feb.2003 13:26:22
Name = Hussain A.G. Aziz

country: UAE
I am currently working in UAE (Abu Dhabi). I graduated in 1962 from Frank Ainy Secondary school in Baghdad. I think that I am the first Muslim to graduate from this school. I would love to hear from my school friends... I am sure my story demonstrates why Iraq is great and how we can all live peacefully in one united Iraq/world... Please contact me.

Nr.153 - Wed ,29.Jan.2003 06:17:13
Name = Harry David

country: Connecticut, USA
My family are Baghdadi Jews who left Iraq in the 19th century and settled in Rangoon. My mother's family name was Shamash -- she and my grandfather are buried in Rangoon -- and I have no idea how my father's family name became David!!!
I now live in semi- retirement in New Haven and travel whenever I have something to travel for. Unfortunately there is not much of a Baghdadi Jewish community here with only a few in NYC. Mostly they are in LA. Harry

Nr.152 - Sun ,19.Jan.2003 22:41:32
Name = Alan

country: Finland

Dear friends,
It was an exiting event when I found this site, and I spent two nights to ruminate its content.
I was born in Iraq. We are a small family of emigrants, losing heavily in 1958, 1963 and after 1968 like the majority of iraqi people. My story is not different than yours... I can hear the voice of my granny speaking about her jewish friends Kafi, Nabat and others.
I am sure that I will come back to this site again and again to find a part of me, a banned part, a sad part to all those people seeking knowledge about the past, present and future. I urge them to read the old testimony, they will find the story, the true story of our existence on earth, the beginning and the end.
Please, do it now and you will understand what it's about: why this happened and not, the veil will be removed to you and history, present and future unfold. I am not a jew but I found the truth through the Tora. I consider finding this site and having the opportunity to tell about my experience not an accident, especially in this time.
Again: I am very happy to hear about you. Carry on...

Nr.151 - Sun ,19.Jan.2003 10:54:19
Name = abu shobir

country: Australia
Dear brothers. marhaba...
I am an iraqi citizen like you living in Sydney... I left my home country 23 years ago because we are shia (we are from the south of iraq, from a city called al diwania). When I read your stories I cried, we have the same feelings, we are the same victims. Iraq belongs to all of us: jews, muslim ,christians,... It is very impressive and emotional. I just wanted to say that we have same feeling, we still belong to iraq and your sitution is similar to ours. I'm just waiting for saddam to go so that I can return back to die in our countary, this is my wish. By the way, I have 4 children. I just wanted to share our feelings with you... thank you.

Nr.150 - Sat ,18.Jan.2003 22:00:21
Name = Reuben Matalon

country: U.S.A.
Do you have any information on Matalon, Mathalon or Mathalone?

Nr.149 - Mon ,13.Jan.2003 09:39:07
Name = webmaster

To the teacher from Petach Tikva who joined our mailing list on Monday, January 13, 2003:
Your name and email were deleted by mistake, could you please enter your details in our mailing list again? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nr.148 - Sat ,11.Jan.2003 08:58:26
Name = Suad Efrayem (Oshrat Berko)

country: Israel
It is wonderful to go back to sweet nostalgia and read about all those pepole who have been my friends. I would be more than happy to be in touch with them.
Thanks, Suad Efrayem

Nr.147 - Sat ,11.Jan.2003 03:24:17
Name = salomon chama or shamma

country: Israel
My father was born in Damascus in 1908. His name is Jose and his brothers and sisters-Moshe, Teresa, Elissa, Jacob, Eliahu. His Father's name is Shlomo.
Thanks for your site on the internet.

Nr.146 - Sat ,11.Jan.2003 00:11:48
Name = Issac Cohen

country: London, England
I hope you are all well and have good health. I hope that you remember me.

Nr.145 - Thu ,9.Jan.2003 17:07:01
Name = Yaakov

country: Canada

Although I was born in Israel my Mother Clara Rahamim was from Baghdad and my Father Heskel Sayegh came from Basra. There is a small but thriving Iraqui Jewish community here in Toronto

Nr.144 - Mon ,6.Jan.2003 22:17:44
Name = Jonathan

country: USA

Shalom and Shlama. Am interested in corresponding with Iraqi Jews who had Assyrian friends back in either Baghdad or Mosul.

Nr.143 - Sat ,4.Jan.2003 20:29:31
Name = Hani Zubida

country: Israel / USA

My Name is Hani Zubida (Zbeda), son of Haniya and Razi (Today Henya and Eli). I am a member of the Zbeda (Hai), Dallal Families. I was born in Baghdad, Iraq (1966). My family was one of the last to leave Iraq, at 1971 (first Iran for few moths and than Israel). Currently I am at the USA writing my Ph.D. at New York University. I would love to hear from other people that have interest in the history of Jews of Iraq and it's current situation. Or any other people from my generation that share the same experience.
All the best

Nr.142 - Tue ,31.Dec.2002 13:44:26
Name = Deborah Meer

country: US
A very good website to search for Iraqi Jews is

Nr.141 - Sun ,29.Dec.2002 20:52:44
Name = Linda

country: Israel
I am thinking of launching a concert consequtively in Tel Aviv, London and New York led by the musicians who used to be called Chalgi Baghdad. The idea came up after watching a documentary film on TV lately about the sad story of these talented Jewish musicians who used to be very famous in Iraq and their music was not so much appreciated when they came to the newly born Israel, dominated by Western culture.
I feel very much obligated to organize soon a smashing event in order to give them a memorable applaud. To this end I am looking for sponsors in London and New York to cover travelling expenses and lodging and a guided tour for their sake. Although these musicians did not leave Iraq in the 60s and 70s yet they represent the story of immigrants.

Nr.140 - Fri ,27.Dec.2002 23:24:40
Name = Karim Faily

country: USA
The Kurds & Jews got along very well till the evil Saddam came to power. At least the Jews had a home to go, but we did not have any place to go. We must fight this evil.

Nr.139 - Thu ,26.Dec.2002 05:09:23
Name = Michal Dar El

country: Israel
Lovely site! I married into the families of Sadka, David, Mansoor and others- it and seems that I "was chosen" to carry on the heritage for future generations... If anyone can supply me with information about the above families- I'll appreciate it!

Nr.138 - Thu ,19.Dec.2002 20:25:18
Name = Yaron Shamash

country: USA

To Mr. Sammy666- Let's not lose touch of the fact that Israel has been living under a terrorist siege for the past two years. There is no room for terror in democracy. G-d Bless America and Israel!!

Nr.137 - Thu ,19.Dec.2002 19:52:39
Name = Zozan Seto

country: Canada

Great Site!

Nr.136 - Wed ,18.Dec.2002 02:40:22
Name = samy

country:Iraqi from sweden

its very nice site and i know how u guys feel as i myself was forced to leave Iraq in 1980 because of my persian background.
what i noticed in my convesations with older iraqi people that all of them have respect and for iraqi jews but unfurtunatly the prosecution of palestinans by Israel makes bad picture of jews. even if everybody knows that Israel dosnt mean all jews and many many jesws are against the Israely prosecution.
anyway i think your feelings for your homeland "Iraq" are tru and i hope someday u will go back to iraq to live in peace together with your muslim and christinan landsmen
Fy aman allah

Nr.135 - Thu ,12.Dec.2002 17:35:31
Name = Omar

England - London

Salam or Shalom to all iraqi jews and to everyone. I really enjoyed visiting this website...and I hope that I can have jewish friends who live in England or anywhere...thanks ,best wishes and good luck to all.

Nr.134 - Tue ,10.Dec.2002 14:15:23
Name = Sharon Isaac

country: UK

I am trying to find out more about the Mashiah family from Baghdad circa 1850. My great great grandfather Isaac Hyam Mashiah left Baghdad for Calcutta, India around the 1880s and I am trying to locate information on the family he left behind. I am not sure how to search official records in Iraq for this period - any information is much appreciated.

Nr.133 - Wed ,4.Dec.2002 21:00:51
Name = Dallal Sami ( Samir )

country: Israel

To everybody who knows me, I am looking for a picture of Istath Heskel, a math teacher from Frank Iny school. It is very important!

Nr.132 - Wed ,4.Dec.2002 18:52:33
Name = Ahmed S

country: Canada

Great Site!
I am looking for any information concerning the history of Jews in Kuwait. I have tried without much success in gathering information.

Thank you!

Nr.131 - Tue ,3.Dec.2002 16:31:51
Name = Haider Omar

country: Iraq
I would like to mention that the jews in Iraq are always remembered with love and admiration. We consider the jews who were forced in a way to leave their home as a great loss. Although Jews remain in Iraq in small numbers they still suffer from dual prosecution, mainly from the dictator like everyone else and partly from the propaganda showing jews as evil.
I would like every jew to know that Iraqis have never seen them as an enemy. It was always the politics that tried to show them as such. Many of us do not buy it. The buttom line is that the vast history that we share had simply made us respect you. Shalom and Salam to you.

Nr.130 - Thu ,28.Nov.2002 21:15:49
Name = Ahmed

country: UK
Hi to all Iraqis who love Iraq forever

Tears came out of my eyes because the touchy messages that you wrote made me remember my unforgettable childhood and how much I had fun but bad circumstances forced us to leave the heaven. I left Iraq when I was 17 in 1995, it's only 7 years away but I still dream of going back to our land, I don't care who we are (Muslim, Jew, Christian), the important thing is that we want to live our life in peace and in the place we belong to.
The thing let my tears come out is how you guys have been over 30 years away from Iraq and you still have the strong feeling to go back, as if you left Iraq yesterday. It's something great.
What I want from you all is to pray day and night for the sake of our Iraq, so we can all meet together.
With all respect and love, and may God bless Iraq and its people.

Nr.129 - Sun ,24.Nov.2002 06:27:21
Name = Matthew Wade Umbarger

country: USA/Israel

I am a Christian studying the Tanak at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer-Sheva. Our upstairs neighbor is an Iraqi Jew. We love him. He has been very good to us, and helped us out a number of times. I came to your site looking for more about his culture. Thank you for the work you've done here. May the God of Abraham bless you.

Nr.128 - Sat ,23.Nov.2002 08:50:47
Name = Shlomo Kadoori

country: Israel

Lives in Tel Aviv after been in N.Y for over then 30 years ,working for REVLON
# (03)-605-4633

Nr.127 - Thu ,14.Nov.2002 08:44:35
Name = Udi Ozer

country: Israel

Hi All,
I'm looking for information concerning the Ozer (or Azer) family which lived in Bagdhad (and Syria) in the first decades of the 20th century.
thanks for the help,

Nr.126 - Fri ,1.Nov.2002 14:41:13
Name = Amira Bernstein

country: USA
My name was Suad Ya'coob when I was going to the Univ of Baghdad, Kuliat Alaloom. I graduated in 1963. I lost touch with all of my christian and moslem friends since no one wanted to receive mail from the US. I am in touch with most of my classmates from Frank Iny, but would like to hear from friends from college, especially from Salwa Rassam.
Great site, keep it up.

Nr.125 - Sat ,26.Oct.2002 02:13:06
Name = Moise Rahmani

Dear Friends,

I am Jew, born in Egypt but my roots are from Irak from my mother side.

I want to write a story of the Jews in Arab lands and I need some picture to illustrate the subject.

Does anyone have something on the riots against the jewish population (pogroms, hanging, burning) ?

Thank you in advance.

Moise Rahmani

Nr.124 - Fri ,18.Oct.2002 10:51:17
Name = Mariam

country: UAE..
Salam to you all..
First let me state that I am an Iraqi Muslim..I never lived in Iraq but visited it many times..I love Iraq and find my culture fascinating..My encounters with Jews as a muslim is not that good as everyone should know..difficulties come between me and their culture when I am reminded everyday with the conflicts and wars and so on..But I love this site, what connected me to the site is the common aspect we all share, our love for Iraq, the Nostalgia , the memories...I am tired of living away , living in a country where Iraqies are considered a minority..I want things to be better, I want my kids in the Future to be raised in their country, to learn the right accent and get exposed to a truly iraqi culture..
My mom had Jewish neighbours whom she loved dearly, they had to leave Iraq too..
I cant say more..
I love Iraq, thats why I am writing this..
Allah weyakum
Mariam ..

Nr.123 - Sun ,13.Oct.2002 03:14:16
Name = arik

country: Israel
Im looking for jews that served in the iraqi army during the Golf war.
I want to write a story about them.
I know there have been 5.
Please contact me.

Nr.122 - Fri ,11.Oct.2002 08:03:09
Name = Steven R.

I am a 22 year old catholic from Iraq and I would love to meet other Iraqi friends not Chritians. I used to have a lot of muslim friends and they were really nice, but never had a chance to meat an Iraqi Jew. By the time I was born, all the Jewish people left Iraq, I don't why, but I would love to know the story behind that.
Back in the old days my parents had quiet a few jewish friends and they used to say you are really nice people and they had some unique things about their tradition. I really would like to meet an Iraqi Jew.
My parents were born in Alqosh, north of Nineva. I am not sure if you've heard of it, but anyway, in Alqosh there is Nahom, the person who the jewish people honor a lot, he grave is still there and a lot of catholic people take care of his place. I have seen it once in my life and I thought it was awesome.
Well I thought I wanted to share this information with you people and if you are interested in chatting with me, please send me and e-mail se we can get to know each other better and will get to share our culutre together. Thank you.

Nr.121 - Tue ,8.Oct.2002 20:51:10


Nr.120 - Thu ,3.Oct.2002 19:10:50
Name = Yihya


Shallom, I am a Mandaean Iraqi and I wish we could live again together in our land IRAQ.

Nr.119 - Thu ,3.Oct.2002 14:03:57
Name = Hadear Al Rafidain

country: Lebanon
It is a great site .
I am looking for my relatives who left Iraq in 1958 and 1970 , their names are Mourice Saleh Hawa and his brother Naji Saleh Hawa and Maji Saleh Hawa, all of them are from Basrah -Iraq, I do not know where are they now could be in UK, Rome , Israel or USA, please contact me on the above e mail
best wishes to you all

Nr.118 - Mon ,23.Sep.2002 22:01:05
Name = roee

country: Israel
Nice site. My father was one of those jews who left Iraq during that perioud of time, right in the year of 1970 when he decided to escape Iraq in order to have a better life without persecution from his arab neighbors. Of course he wasn't allowed to leave but luckly for him the kurds and iran back then used to be in a very good relations with israel so he went to the kurdistan part of iraq and they helped him to get into iran. There he was helped by the jewish agency to move to Israel.

Nr.117 - Sat ,21.Sep.2002 10:32:18
Name = Efraim Evron (Samir Saleem Elia)

country: Petach Tikva, Israel
Dear Abdulaziz,
Tears came out of my eyes, reading your mail from 15/08/2002 in the site of the Iraqi Jews.
My name is Samir. I am the youngest son of Saleem Elia, your good jewish teacher from Basrah.
I didn't even dream that one day I shall read these praises, coming from a non-jewish person, in memory of my beloved late father who left this world on 27/07/1965 in Basrah. My father was forced to go on pension in 1952 as was done to all jewish governmental workers who didn't leave Iraq. Since then, and until his death, he managed BGSS (British General Supply Stores). Many of his non-jewish students attended his funeral.
Your heart-touching mail reminds me of the arabic sentence ( M'n alamani harfan, sirto lahoo abdan). May Allah give you health & happiness.
I shall be more than happy to hear from you.
Regards, Samir Saleem Elia

Nr.116 - Fri ,20.Sep.2002 02:22:35
Name = Ali

country: Denmark
The Iraqi regime always tried to hide the truth that Jews were a very important part of the Iraqi society. My mother tells us of her Jewish friends in the Northren city of Kerkuk and how they used to prepare meals for their Jewish neighbours on the Sabbath. I hope that things will get back as they were before this Baathi nightmare came to power. May God bless all the victims of tyranny in Iraq and everywhere in the world.

Nr.115 - Mon ,2.Sep.2002 12:23:40
Name = Jihan

country: Canada
I had a friend In Baghdad, her name was Booran Moshe. Her sister's name was Suzanne, and her brother's name Khedr.
I would be very pleased to hear from her or from her family. Thank you.

Nr.114 - Sun ,25.Aug.2002 14:11:52
Name = Raya Allam

Very nice website you have here. My father(an Iraqi Muslims) always speaks fondly of the Iraqi Jews, how they made up such a vibrant part of the Iraqi community and how it is such a great loss to have them leave Iraq, perhaps forever...
He is looking for his friend Haim Murad, a Kurdish Jew.

Nr.113 - Sat ,17.Aug.2002 12:44:05
Name = Hanan

country: Toronto, Canada
I enjoyed your site.I have a jewish relative who stayed in Iraq. Her name is Juliet Nassim Hisquel, her mother's name was tufaha. Juliet was a nurse in her early life. She married an Iraqi muslim and lived in Baghdad .We know that she had a brother who left Iraq to the U.S. I would be very pleased to hear from him or his family. Thank you.

Nr.112 - Thu ,15.Aug.2002 09:51:10
Name = Abdulaziz Althukair

country: Saudi Arabia
Ny name is Abdulaziz Althukair, from Saudi Arabia. I have lived in Iraq during the early fifties and was tought Arabic by a good jewish teacher named Saleem Elia. He made us memorize the best Arabic Poetry that we now remember. I also know a good teacher called Eliahoo. I have good memories about Basrah and Baghdad , but hardly know other towns. I remember a good Bank manager in Basrah called Salman, who bears great respect to my family. Salam

Nr.111 - Tue ,6.Aug.2002 07:31:15
Name = jihad al shekargy

country: Canada
Salam or Shalom to all iraqi jews. I really enjoyed visiting this website...and I hope that I can have iraqi jewish friends who live in canada...thanx alot for all of wishes and good luck to all.

Nr.110 - Tue ,30.Jul.2002 18:38:51
Name = suren manukian

country: USA /CA

Hi-I am looking for my classmate from Al Hikma University Nuri Thomas .Thanks

Nr.109 - Tue ,23.Jul.2002 17:38:59
Name = Vivien Rakib(Abdul-Aziz)

Escaped from Iraq 1971.I kept in touch with many classmates! Looking for Salwan Thafer Alwaan and Chaled.
My father Yaacoob Abdul-Aziz was executed when I was 12. Would like to hear any story or impressions related to him

Nr.108 - Thu ,18.Jul.2002 08:00:13
Name = ali

country: Iraq
I am happy to see this site.
I hope that you can make the site in arabic to make it easier for us.

Nr.107 - Fri ,12.Jul.2002 00:31:54
Name = laiyla
br>country: canada
i am very interested in knowing more about you guys
i do understand how harsh it is to be kicked out of you country where you have been born and where all the childhood memories
one dream is that the regime and baith disappear and we can go back
i am a muslim girl who is 23 and i do feel for the people who left iraq escaping and leaving it for the baith party to destroy everything nice and to deform the history
my dad left iraq since long time and i still feel why i don't have the right to see my homeland
i wish you guys all can visit in and out freely
also i do wish that the war between you guys and the palistinans stop
and also to remember that we are all humans
and your God is our God
you guys as an Iraqi Jews Community you can make a big difference
we wan't peace i don't want to see more blood anywhere enough for u guys and for us and we will meet one day in Baghdad
with all my regards

Nr.106 - Tue ,9.Jul.2002 22:09:45
Name = Adam Mukamal

country: USA
Please visit for a virtual family tree of five inter-related (by blood and marriage) Iraqi jewish families. It contains thousands of names - perhaps even yours.

Site editor's note: You can find a link to the Mukamal family tree (which includes Murad, Chitayat, AbdulNabi, Kadouri, Yona) in our genealogy section.

Nr.105 - Sat ,6.Jul.2002 15:56:07
Name = Bassam Khadori

country: Canada, Toronto

This site was a great eye opener to the history of the Iraqi Jews. I am glad to see that you take pride in your Iraqi roots and heritage that date back to 2500 years ago. I pray that one day you all go back to Iraq and claim back your heritage. Iraq needs to be freed and rebuilt. Hence, I hope you would join us in fighting to claim back Iraq- your Iraq!

Nr.104 - Thu ,4.Jul.2002 13:42:49
Name = Laurent

country: France
Hi ! First, congratulations for your web site !!!
I would like to know if anyone knows the name KAROUBI or KAROUBY (my name) : I have ancesters in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco. If you have heared about my name, can you email me? I have been doing genealogical research for 20 years.

Nr.103 - Sat ,15.Jun.2002 12:13:20
Name = Don Corleone

Everyone is welcome to our chat program There we talk on everything about Iraq and Israel. It�s about religion and peace and democraty. Because the jewish people think that they want to go back to the holy places for jews in iraq. We want to hear from you. You can meet us in -Middle East-and ***Iraq PEACE Israel***.Or you can contact Cisar e-mail:

Nr.102 - Thu ,13.Jun.2002 22:02:58
Name = Suad Stolerman - maiden name Kateb

country: England

I wrote a message back in July 2001. This message is just to advise you of my e.mail address change.
God bless.

Nr.101 - Wed ,5.Jun.2002 13:30:46
Name = Badid

The Jews of Iraq, for the most part, were treated well. The Zionists bombed at least 3 synagouges in Iraq to make Iraqi Jews go to Israel. I wish all the Iraqi Jews the best, but we can't deny history. God Bless All.

Nr.100 - Thu ,23.May.2002 13:04:42
Name = Karim A Karam

I am a Kurd from Iraq. My father & relatives used to work with the Jewish people in 1940-1960 in Baghdad, the time (1960) when most of the Jews left Iraq. We wish that we could leave Iraq with our Jewish friends, that we dearly missed. My father & relatives helped our friends leave Iraq, I was too young then. We have smuggled some of our Jewish friends to Kurdish regions of Iraq then to Iran & Turkey. You are too kind with the Kurds & we'll always love you. May God bless you all. Truly,

Nr.99 - Fri ,17.May.2002 21:54:38
Name = firas

country: Iraq
Dear Members,
I am an Iraqi Muslim first of all, and one of the things that I heard from the old people in Iraq is that they had Great Jewish friends and they do really miss them. Friends that loved Iraq more than everything in earth. I am so glad to know that Iraqi Jews were that creative to find a way, a wonderful way to say that they still remember and love their and our country...Iraq.
Wish you all the best and thanks.

Nr.98 - Sat ,4.May.2002 02:57:50
Name = yousif

Check out my "Iraqi Top 100" site. In this site you can put your web site in the list, and people can vote for your site. The website address is

Nr.97 - Tue ,30.Apr.2002 21:57:37
Name = Johnny Liwis

country: Sweden
Hello Iraqi Jews!
I am really happy that I found this page. I flew from Iraq in 1990 when I was 18 years old, and I�m living in Sweden now. Close to where I lived we used to have a jewish block in central Baghdad. See the picture at
Behind those 2 white buildings was the block known as the Jewish block, I grew up in that area behind the white church. The area behind the church is known as "Camp al gelany" where many assryians live and the jewish block is known as "Bataween". As far as I know there are no jewish families left in bataween. But I knew one family in "camp el gelany".
Thank you and I wish your community success.

Nr.96 - Sat ,20.Apr.2002 00:50:24
Name = Karine M. Shashoua

country: United States
What a wonderful thing! How can I get involved?

Nr.95 - Tue ,16.Apr.2002 08:55:25
Name = Hamoudi

country: UK
I liked this website. I didn't know anything about the jews of Iraq till I read the book from shara al rashed to the times of Mr. Meir Basri. I am very interested in your wonderful history. I wish all the best to the jews of Iraq who live in the UK, Israel and other places. Thanks a lot for this lovely website. With my love and best hope for all of you.

Nr.94 - Wed ,10.Apr.2002 12:03:38
Name = Martin-Fallon Roxenlind (Don Corleone)

country: Sweden
Thank you for your homepage. It's very interesting. The Jewish people will always belong to the Middle East, just as the kurdish. The Iraqi people are from a lot of religions and nationalities, that's why Iraq is called Mesopotamia. We have to think how we can all live together again.

Nr.93 - Wed ,3.Apr.2002 00:40:24
Name = Susan Hanna

country: Switzerland & France

Thank you for this wonderful guestbook. I am very proud and priviledged to have attended Menahim Saleh Danial primary school in Baghdad and to have lived a unique experience. Both my brother, Zeid, and my sister, Jinan, also attended.

Nr.92 - Sat ,30.Mar.2002 07:59:09
Name = Alain Farhi

country: Born in Egypt
My wife's family emigrated from Baghdad to Egypt in the late 19th Century. It is nice to see the ancestry of many friends. Great site.

Nr.91 - Tue ,19.Mar.2002 00:14:29
Name = Premjit Talwar

country: USA (Connecticut)

Hats off to all who worked so hard to make the site a reality. Would love to hear from my long lost friends. You brought tears to my eyes.


Nr.90 - Fri ,15.Mar.2002 09:27:06
Name = Omar Safarjalani

country: Syria

I would really want to know your side of the story, and from the people who really moved from the arab states to palastine (israel). Were you forced to move? Where you expelled? or was it a personal choice? And also to which country do you feel deeply you belong to?

Nr.89 - Sat ,9.Mar.2002 13:12:31
Name = Yoav

country: Canada
My backround is Syrian Jewish, but as far as I've heard my family fled Iraq/Iran and then settled for a couple of years in Syria, before moving to Israel. :) I would like to know more about Iraqi jews and what we have :) It's a nice site and I'm proud of you.

Nr.88 - Tue ,5.Mar.2002 15:59:28
Name = Alizah David

country: New Jersey, USA

I am ninteen years old and was born and raised in America. My father's family fled Iraq when Israel became a state. Growing up in America with my mother's Eastern European family I did not have much opporunity to learn about my Iraqi heritage. Recently I have become more interested and happened upon this website. I am looking for more information to suppliment the little knowledge I have about my family and thier experiences. My great grandmother's name was Miriam Shlomo David and my grandparents names are Naji and Margalit Shlomo David which they changed to David when they arrived in Israel. That is about the extent of my knowledge. I just wanted to know if anyone has any information for me about anything that might seem relevant. I am very interested in learning more about my Iraqi roots. Thank you.

This is a really great website.

Nr.87 - Tue ,19.Feb.2002 14:11:44
Name = eric benson - fouad jacob abdul-aziz

country:usa-San Francoisco
Congratualations for this wonderful site.if you know of any available woman who wants to marry, please emai me. siru ila alamama wanahnu min waraakum.

Nr.86 - Wed ,13.Feb.2002 11:32:02
Name = David Paniri

country: USA
what a wonderfull site.We are the last generation of the Iraqi jews,and with us ends that chapter. At least this way we show our children where we came from,and a way to keep in touch and find old lost childhood friends.

Nr.85 - Mon ,4.Feb.2002 21:03:06
Name = Evelyn Bashah ( Shamash)

country: Arizona,USA
Hi everybody it is great to find some history of my childhood and the where I grew up. I was delighted to find a picture of me and my sister at the Malab. Who ever remembers myself or family members please contact me.

Sisters: Claire and Ferial
Brothers: Salmann, Kamal, Sabah, Menashi and Albert

Bashah Family: Joseph, Nazar, Edward

Nr.84 - Tue ,29.Jan.2002 22:16:10
Name = ����� ����� �����

country: Iraq
���� ������� ����� ����
��� ����� ����� ����� ������� ������ ������� ������� ����� ������ ������ ��� ���� ��� ������ ���� ������ �� ���� �� ����� ���� ����� ��� ������ ����� ������� ����� ����� ����� ������ ����� �� ����� ���� ������ ����� ����� ���� ������� �� ��� ���� ����� ������ ���� ���� �������� ��� ����� ������ ���� ����� ���� ������� ����� �� ����� ���� ����� ������ ��� ����� ������
������ ������ ������
Site Editor's note: The above text is in arabic, written by an Iraqi Christian. To read arabic fonts, go to Encoding in your Internet Explorer and select Arabic (windows).

Nr.83 - Sat ,19.Jan.2002 09:36:53
Name = Jake Shamshowmocaen Assayegh

country:USA, Michigan
����� ��������
Hi everyone. I am from iraq and I love iraqi jews. I looked here in Michigan for iraqi jews but I gave up. Anyway I am so happy that I found iraqi jews through my computer. Anyone jewish please contact me. I am a friend looking for a good friend oveseas.
Bye, good luck and have a good life. May God help you be the best in your world.

Site Editor's Note: For those of you who do not have arabic fonts, the text in arabic says that he is an iraqi sumarian from Mosul.

Nr.82 - Sun ,13.Jan.2002 12:46:28
Name = Ali Al-Merza

country: Holland
Our Iraqi people, I am a Muslim but I would like to tell you that this is a very beautiful website. Surfing in this website brought tears to my eyes. All I can say now is that we want you back to your homeland our Iraqi jewish people and I hope we'll live together again in Iraq under the democracy and God bless you because until now you did not forget your country.
Engineer Ali Al-Merza

Nr.81 - Fri ,11.Jan.2002 04:42:09
Name = Ghassan Naim Cohen

country: UK, London
I am very happy to read this web site about all the Iraqi Jewish people. My wife Orna & I spend a lot of time browsing through it, it's so great to see a lot of names well known.
You can also get in to our web at- and see the Iraqi synagogue in London.

Nr.80 - Tue ,8.Jan.2002 21:56:03
Name = Jacob Paniry

country: USA
Congradulations for a work well done. It's always exiting to me to visit your site since I found it about a year ago. It always takes me back to the period we spent in Iraq, and have a place where I feel at home. Living in Miami which is my home for the last twenty years, I enjoy the way of life in it. The only thing I miss much is having an Iraqi synagogue or something similar which other groups enjoy.
Thank You
Jacob Paniry

Nr.79 - Sun ,30.Dec.2001 23:45:28
Name = Sebastian Parwar

country: Sweden
My father was Zaradisht and my mother jewish from Kurdistan Iran. They were killed and I was adopted by a family who moved to Baghdad. In 1976 I moved to Poland then to Sweden with my wife. I knew the truth about myself 40 years later, after my mother died. In her will she told me the whole story and that I was jewish. I couldn't believe it. I was both sad and happy. I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and Hag Hanukkah Sameach.

Nr.78 - Sun ,30.Dec.2001 23:43:26
Name = Rami Musa

country: USA
Are Iraqi Jews still talking in Arabic?

Nr.77 - Sat ,1.Dec.2001 20:16:27
Name = Laman and Jamil Herdoon

country: New York, USA

This web-site is great and brought back many wonderful memories... I was so excited to see a picture of me and my friends at the Nakkar Award Ceremony. We would love to hear from any of our friends.

Nr.76 - Thu ,22.Nov.2001 02:36:09
Name = Amir Lazam

country: Toronto/Canada

ok this is my second post tonight, it's 5 am, i'm excited and loving this site, I took the time and effort to learn hebrew here in Canada just so I could read books written in hebrew and find out more and more about Iraqi jews that I can't stop searching for, I love you alot even though I have not yet met with one single Iraqi jew yet, ani ohev otkhem, bevekasha lishloakh li email , it will be a pleasure to meet an Iraqi jew. my parents tell me real nice stories of how all iraqis lived in harmony and love back home in the good old days.

I wish one day we will have better times reunited in our homeland, By the way I am born Muslim ( I did not choose to be one) all I know is that I love Iraq and Iraqis, jews,moslims and christians.
God bless you all.

Nr.75 - Thu ,22.Nov.2001 02:24:39
Name = Amir Lazam

country: Canada

Dear Dan Shamash,

it shows how much you love iraq when you pray to God to save Iraqis (ofcourse except their evil leaders) Iraqis; Jews, Muslims and Christians have all suffered equally, maybe the jewish ones escaped the greatest suffering that Iraq and Iraqis are going through now.

Love you all, Iraqis of all religions.

Nr.74 - Tue ,13.Nov.2001 15:52:28
Name = David Horesh

country: United States

I cannot tell you how exciting it is to have found this site. My
father is Wiseman Horesh, son of David and Gourjia Horesh of
Basra. I have been doing extensive work on our genealogy and
it is wonderful to find a place where I feel, in many ways, at
home. I have two small children and am trying to teach them
their history. If anyone knows of a place where I can find folk
tales and music from the community, I would be greatly
honored. Also, if anyone is interested in sharing tales of the
community, I would love to listen and learn.

A wish for blessings to all.

Nr.73 - Tue ,30.Oct.2001 16:17:52
Name = Ryan Darwish

country: USA

My paternal grandfather was born in Bagdad and later migrated to India and Germany, where my father Rolf was born. They later moved to the US to the Atlanta Georgia area. I never really got to know my grandfather and would be interested if there is anyone out there who might have known him.

Nr.72 - Thu ,25.Oct.2001 23:55:59
Name = Jack Shemesh

country: USA, California

Sam, I got your e-mail, but I had problems with my e-mail, so I don't have your address anymore. Please write me back, because this is the same Jack that you know, and I want to talk to you, so please e-mail me again.
(This is the same Jack that used to always climb trees, and the same Jack that went to Minahem Daniel school with Mrs. Kanawati our principle!) Can't wait to hear from you!!
Jack Shemesh

Nr.71 - Sat ,13.Oct.2001 22:12:54
Name = salaiman

country: Denmark
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Site Editor's note: The above text is in arabic, written by a Muslim Iraqi living in Denmark. To read arabic fonts, go to Encoding in your Internet Explorer and select Arabic(Windows).

Nr.70 - Tue ,9.Oct.2001 08:20:41
Name = Janet Dallal (Jangana)

country: ISRAEL

Bravo...very exciting site, Kol ha-kavod..
I was born on 1957..left Iraq on 1975 ,studied at Frank-Iny, would love to hear from my ancient friends telling stories of our naughty childhood in Iraq.

Nr.69 - Tue ,25.Sep.2001 09:48:01
Name = Jack Shamash

country: USA (California)
Hello everyone,
I have been very touched by this website. It is great to see pictures from the past. It brought back many wonderful memories. I left Iraq in 1969 at the age of 18. Anyone who remebers me and would like to perhaps plan a reunion with all the classmates from Frank Iny school, please e-mail me. God bless all Iraqi Jews.

Nr.68 - Fri ,21.Sep.2001 17:03:48
Name = Nesreen Melek

country: Canada
Please relay this message to Mona Yehya:
Dear Mona,

My name is Nesreen Melek. I am Aisha's Al Malaika daughter. My aunt is Batoul Malaika. We use to play together when we were kids. Nazar is my age. I wonder if you remember me. You can email me at the above email address.

Nr.67 - Fri ,21.Sep.2001 09:12:04
Name = Yaron Peress

country: Israel
My Father Morris Peress was born in Iraq, so was my mother. I really like the stories from that time,
and how they get out of there.
Shana Tova to all the Iraqi Jews.

Nr.66 - Fri ,21.Sep.2001 08:00:45
Name = Romi

country: Israel
Hi to all,
My name is Romi and I am from Israel.
My age is 18 and my parents were born in Iraq and came to Israel in the 50's.
I love to hear about the past and Iraqi Jewish traditions.

Nr.65 - Wed ,19.Sep.2001 05:02:23
Name = dan shamash

country: Israel

i am 53 years old, was born in Bagdad at 1949 , my family left Iraq at 1951 to Israel.
my father`s family is Shamash Yechezkel, who had 7 children.
my mothers family is Sasson Haron /
i grew up with so manny stories of Iraq/Bagdad
i wish one day we can all visit Bagdad
may god bless all Iraqi jews and may save the Iraqi people ( exept their curent leaders)
hello to all friends and brothers.

Nr.64 - Wed ,19.Sep.2001 02:53:16
Name = sami shaul

country: israel
I left Iraq in 1951. I too had to leave my friends, some of them stayed and left twenty years later.

Nr.63 - Sun ,16.Sep.2001 14:33:59
Name = Caroline Bassoon-Zaltzman


I just wanted to say hello to old-time long lost freinds

Nr.62 - Sat ,15.Sep.2001 16:23:01
Name = Sami

My grandmother's family came from a small town in Iraq called ANAH. Her family name is EL EINI. Does anybody know anything about the Jews of Anah? I believe it was a very small town with not many Jews. Her family were in the caravan trade. They left in the late 1800s. Thank you.

Nr.61 - Thu ,13.Sep.2001 17:27:57
Name = Elias and Tina Shamash

Hello old friends,
This website has brought back many good memories for myself, and my wife Tina. If you don't recall I provided the musical entertainment (as singer and guitar player) on most of the school trips and events. I am looking forward to receiving e-mails from old friends. Elias Shamash

Nr.60 - Mon ,10.Sep.2001 09:39:54
Name = makram murad-al-shaikh

country: USA (California)
Looking for my classmates from Al_Hikma University- Vilma, Rachel, Richard, Moshi, etc...

Nr.59 - Thu ,6.Sep.2001 00:37:46
Name = seth sheckartze

country: USA (Florida)
Hi- If anyone can tell me where I can find genealogical information about my family I would be very thankful. I'm not sure what would be the proper spelling, I just know it comes from the Arab word for sweet or sugar.
Thanks a lot. Seth Sheckartze.

Nr.58 - Wed ,5.Sep.2001 02:55:21
Name = Jihad

country: Iraq, Canada
Salam to all iraqis and iraqi jews. I wish that we can all go back one day to iraq...and live in peace...I realy liked this website, it is very nice. Good Luck to you all.

Nr.57 - Wed ,29.Aug.2001 23:35:35
Name = Salman Haim

country: Israel
I have had a friend whose name was Nahum Kazzaz. He lived in Jerusalem, Israel. he passed away some years ago.

Nr.56 - Mon ,27.Aug.2001 23:31:25
Name = Amid

Is Amos Kazzaz, who is a big United Airlines shareholder, Iraqi?
Also, does any one know the Kazzaz who lived in Liberia?

Nr.54 - Thu ,23.Aug.2001 08:17:01
Name = haim (Samir) Salman (Batzun)

although I came from Iraq to Israel with all my family when I was 5 years old, I would like to correspond with Iraqi Jews all over the world.
I am Hazzan at beth Kenesseth Yosef Hayim in Jerusalem Israel. I keep all the Minhagim of our fathers and forefathers as they used to do in Iraq. especialy the Piyyutim of Shabbath and Mo'ed and in events as wedding and Berith Mila etc.
all the Tefillot of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are said by me with the same tunes as it was in Baghdad.
anyone who is interesting in these please contact me by my e-mail
Haim Salman

Nr.53 - Mon ,30.Jul.2001 11:16:22
Name = Amit

Anyone know the whereabouts of some of the Iraqi Jews who attended Community High School in Tehran, Iran? Please let me know...

Nr.52 - Wed ,25.Jul.2001 14:39:29
Name = Paul

country: USA I met a lovely lady by the name of Heloise Fattal at the San Diego airport many years ago...she was accompanied by a lady whose last name was Shemesh...they were Iraqi Jews...we had a very pleasant conversation...she mentioned how under the King things were more or less OK, but with the rise of the Ba'ath how things got to be bad...any ways...this lady sparked in me an interest in the culture of Mizrachi Jews...a Jewish culture more or less unknown among American Jewry, and I am interested to know of her whereabouts nowadays...if anyone happens to know her...please say hi to her for me...and "thank you..." P.B.

Nr.51 - Fri ,20.Jul.2001 12:13:17
Name = Marwan Abdul Rahman

dear friends,
i am an iraqi muslim man who just eccaped from IRAQ 6 months ago,In iraq i noticed how the T.V,Radio ...they dont want us to know about jews ,there life in iraq,there history....they try to picture you as a monsters who want to kill our children ....while my father,and many old people there tell me that they love the jews and they considerd you more than brothers some times...
in Iraq it is a crime there if they saw any one reading about jews history...i lived in al-karrada area in baghdad and i keep seeing lots of nice old big houses and they were for jews according to my they are left with no one in.....may be i talked for too long but please friends i am asking you to tell me about you and your old life back there ....i want to know is it really that in iraqi they killed jews and they made all these bad things that i heared about.....i really need to know you better.
with my regards

Nr.50 - Fri ,20.Jul.2001 10:21:10
Name = Faisal

country: Holland
I like every one who loves Iraq. I cannot go back. What do you think of our land?

Nr.49 - Sat ,14.Jul.2001 14:20:39
Name = David Elazar

country: Israel
Does anyone know of an Elazar family from Iraq?

Nr.48 - Thu ,5.Jul.2001 14:59:43
Name = Suad Stolerman - maiden name Kateb

country: England
I left Iraq in November 1970 and lived in Israel until April 1972.I have been in England since then.I was so thrilled to have heard about this site only recently and have been browsing through it whenever I have spare time. I think it is wonderful that somebody had the time and effort to start it. I am sure it brings joy to a lot of people.
I have some pictures from Frank Iny and Al-Hikma and would like to send them.

Nr.47 - Sat ,23.Jun.2001 20:13:21
Name = Limor Eshed/Babai

country: Australia
I am researching my family (the Babai family) and trying to complete my family tree - they left Baghdad and are now in Israel,Australia and England. Many thanks to anyone who can help.
Limor Babai/Eshed

Nr.46 - Tue ,12.Jun.2001 06:32:10
Name = Lily (Lilian) Shor (mendlawy

country: Israel

I left Baghdad with my family at the age of 14 on 1971. I was in Menahem Daniel Elementary school and then in Frank Iny. I am eager to contact my classmates: Caroline Bassoon who arrived to Israel first and then left to the US, Nabil Daly who left to Canada and I my last contact with him was on 1980, Mona Basri, who left to London. and the other kids.
It is really a great site. Keep updating.
Thank you.

Nr.45 - Fri ,8.Jun.2001 07:43:46
Name = Jayaretee

country: France
Iam the assistant to a French film director currently working on a documentary about Iraqi Jewish musicians who have been living in Israel since the late 40's and whose music is suddenly making a comeback. He is looking for a producer or a co-producer and/or someone interested in financing this project. please contact me if you are interested.

Nr.44 - Fri ,1.Jun.2001 10:40:28
Name = Linda Battat (Shamash)

country: Israel
I am very excited to discover this great is a wonderful idea.
God bless & Good Luck.

Nr.43 - Fri ,1.Jun.2001 10:09:23
Name = S. David Moche

country: New York, USA
I am glad I received the link to this site.
I am an iraqi descendant of parents who went to kobe, japan
I have a family tree, which I sent to the museum in or yehuda and
it will soon be on my website. Thanks for all the hard work here.
All the best to all. sdm

Nr.42 - Sat ,26.May.2001 22:55:18
Name = Deborah Oney

country: USA
Very interesting. I learned a lot.

Nr.41 - Thu ,24.May.2001 22:13:34
Name = Ingrid Benjamin

country: UK
My name is Ingrid Benjamin, I was born in 1976 in Amsterdam and I moved with my parents to London at the age of four.
I have a University degree in Business Studies, a subject for which I developed a special liking since my school days.
I have a number of interests, among which is genealogy. Throughout the years I have developed a keen interest in researching family links and structures. In 1998, The Hacham Moshe Haim family tree - to whom I pride myself to be one of it's young descendants, was published in The Scribe Journal issued by The Exilarch's Foundation based in London.
I have made several additions to the family tree after carefully researching and gathering material from a number of reliable sources both at home and abroad.
Best Wishes,
Ingrid Benjamin

Site Editor's note: You can find a link to the additions Ingrid Binjamin made to the Hacham Moshe Haim family tree in our genealogy section. (Ingrid Benjamin's parents -Marcelle Zubaida and Nissim Hacham Binyamin- left Iraq in the 1970's)

Nr.40 - Thu ,24.May.2001 08:27:38
Name = sargon isaac

country: UK
Dear Sir, I would like to know how and why we are called assyrians since from our name I can tell we are jews. I was born in Iraq and am now living in England. Please answer me by email if you know anything about us.

Nr.39 - Fri ,18.May.2001 13:43:47
Name = Eli (Eliaho) Dallal (abou eliaho)

country: Israel
I would like to hear something from friends who remember me.

Nr.38 - Thu ,17.May.2001 15:42:20
Name = Dallal Moris ( Doron Moshe )

country:Rome Italy

I live in Rome and I would like to hear from everyone who knows me. Good luck for the new web.
chao chao

Nr.37 - Thu ,17.May.2001 15:31:17
Name = Dallal Samir


Iam looking for a picture of Istath Heskel a math teacher from Frank Iny school.

Nr.36 - Wed ,16.May.2001 00:19:22
Name = wajdi abdul qadir abdul wahid alnoor

country: Amman, Jordan
Salam, Shalom
I am looking for a jewish family (Sofer) who left Baghdad to Israel or USA, last letter from NY in 1960. Mr. Jack and his father were friends with my father Abdul Qadir. I met Mr. Jack once in Kirkuk when he was about 18-20 yrs old, and I was 12-15 only. Now I am 60, and Dr. of Science (expert in radioactive materials).
Many many greetings, and best wishes to Mr. Jack Sofer.

Nr.35 - Mon ,14.May.2001 22:03:09
Name = mosadaq al-safi

country: USA
Dear brothers,
I hope we all go back to our homeland and live in peace. God bless you all.

Nr.34 - Mon ,14.May.2001 10:35:23
Name = kim mashaal

country: canada

My parents are from Iraq and they left during the late 40s and 50s. This website is really amazing. I have always been curious about the Iraqi way of life. More needs to be done so that we can remember and learn how Iraqi jews lived. Great website!

Nr.33 - Fri ,4.May.2001 14:41:29
Name = Sara

country: Sweden
Hello all,
A very nice website with nice pictures.
I am from Iraq, and it brought back nice memories.
God bless all Iraqi people. Sara

Nr.32 - Thu ,3.May.2001 22:03:32
Name = Scott Alfassa Marks

country: USA

Was stopping by, very nice site,great pictures!!

Nr.31 - Sat ,28.Apr.2001 21:17:15
Name = Eddie Bet -Hazavdi (Zbeda)

country: Israel
am loking for relatives members of the Zbeda or Zbeida or Zubeida family all over the world. If you r one of us or if u know any of that family i will be happy to get any information.
ED (Eddie)

Nr.30 - Sat ,28.Apr.2001 08:33:50
Name = Charles Cohen

country: Holland

what a wonderful book that Mona yahia has written I couldn't put it down,and I reccomend it to all. can somebody give me her e-mail address so I can write her?

Nr.29 - Sun ,22.Apr.2001 01:57:23
Name = Leo DANA

country: Recently moved from Singapore to New Zealand

Dear Family and Friends, Shalom!
If you are nostalgic to hear prayers with the Iraqi tunes, you will enjoy this recent radio show I prepared for Radio France Internationale.
Kind regards to all.

Nr.28 - Wed ,11.Apr.2001 01:32:14
Name = David Alani

country: Canada
I just love this site.Is your last name Alani? then e-mail me to disscuss the family tree.
It would be just perfect if you add some cultural music and some chantings.

Nr.27 - Tue ,10.Apr.2001 00:44:29
Name = lisette shashoua

country: canada

hello lovely to see all those lovely pictures....I wish I had taken pictures from our roof-top...with all the mazgouf on the Tigris river ....the smell of the fish , the sound of the rippling water...anyone has such pictures??? Thank you for a great job...hello to one & all......thank you to our fellow students from Al-hikma who sent us such touching messages.....bless you all ...Happy times to all, Inshallah... love, lisette

Nr.26 - Mon ,9.Apr.2001 13:57:56
Name = Ivy Rabee(maiden name)


I am impressed with this website. Whoever started it , may blessings fall on their head, Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov.Seriously, it can become a fantastic link or a very good story!

Nr.25 - Sun ,8.Apr.2001 23:38:51
Name = Eitan Alon (Nadir Al-Hakim)

country: Israel

I agree with Charlie's comment.If anybody is interested in contact,please do it.

Nr.24 - Sat ,7.Apr.2001 21:49:09
Name = charlie balass

country: Canada

Iwould like to ask all the people who come on this site to put there name and e-mail even if they do not leave a message or a comment . I think this will make it easier for a whole bunch of us to get in touch with each other.

Nr.23 - Tue ,3.Apr.2001 16:51:55
Name = Linda Yahooda Soffer

country: USA
One of my fondest rememberances of Baghdad was the Manahem Danielle School, Miss Kanawati, Miss Marcelle, et al. I would love to hear from classmates from way back then. We had a lot of wonderful times.

Nr.22 - Sat ,31.Mar.2001 16:42:52
Name = charlie balass

country: Canada

I am very pleased to discover this site.I really should say that i am very excited and if I knew how to ullalate (ahalhul) on line i would.This is a place that touches my long lost childhood and i hope to explore it much more.

Nr.21 - Fri ,30.Mar.2001 12:46:27
Name = Isaac Cohen

country: England
Thank you very much. I hope to see you soon. I was a maths teacher at Frank Einei School and headmaster too. Please e-mail me at my grandsons email address (The one above)if you want to contact me.

Thank You

Nr.20 - Tue ,27.Mar.2001 17:04:11
Name = sahran shaoul


I stumbled by accident on this website and I can truly say it gave me chills, I have a lot of fond memories, year books, and pictures from Baghdad College days. It was a great school. I, like many others was asked to leave in 1965 at the age of 17.keep up the good work.

Nr.19 - Sun ,25.Mar.2001 14:04:44
Name = Marcel Behar

country: USA

In the middle thirties I was a student at Victoria college in Alexandria, Egypt. I had a class mate from Basra whose name was Albert Gareh. He had a younger brother, whose name I do not remember. I have often wondered what became of them. I was lucky, I left Egypt in 1951 and immigrated to Canada then the US.
The history of Jews in Moslem countries after 1948 is sad, as we were such an integral part of those countries, when suddenly we were considered "persona non grata" and unceremoniously pushed out without being able to take any assets with us, except what was in our heads. This knowledge allowed us to succeed in our new adopted land.

Nr.18 - Sun ,25.Mar.2001 07:56:48
Name = Benjamin Haimes

country: USA
I escaped Iraq on November 47 to Tehran, then to Israel. Graduated from the Hebrew University as Jurist and left to USA on November 58.
I am writing "Just Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" and I need all the help I can to find
1.How many Iraqi Jews forced to leave Iraq
2. How much treasure, assests they left behind themwithout compensation.
3. Horror of persecution, prevention of high education, religion restriction.
4. Any other pertinent information that can help emphsizing the Israeli claims for a better solution by the Family of Nations.
Furthermore, If it is possible I would like to obtain the same information from all the jews that left the arab countries since the declaration of Palestine-Partition in 1947. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN

Nr.17 - Tue ,20.Mar.2001 20:42:35
Name = Colby Shemesh

country: Israel
This is a beatiful website , and i admire it.My father at the age of 8 with all of his family left Baghdad in the 1960's,I love the story's he tells me about Iraq and how he was rich and had a castle and servents.It is my dream one day to go to Bahgdad and vist the land of my ancestors.

thank you feel free to contact me anyone

Nr.16 - Mon ,19.Mar.2001 09:12:08
Name = Elan Masliyah

country: NY, USA
Thanks for creation of this great site. My father
left Badhdad in the 50's and is still actively
involved in the IraqiJewish community. I enjoy
learning about my past to inform my present.
Keep it going! - Elan

Nr.15 - Sat ,17.Mar.2001 23:57:35
Name = Mohammed Al-Sadr

country:Ireland BR>You brought me back so many happy memories with your pictures. The images you show and the emotions they invoke are shared by many Iraqis, Jews, Chritians, Muslims, and all. I pray we see the day of a free, democratic and pluralist Iraq, then we can all return to our homes and live as one family. Keep up the good work.

Nr.14 - Sat ,17.Mar.2001 13:26:12
Name = Julie Iny

country: United States
Hello, I'm interested in any information people might have about my family and Iny's in general. My grandfather left Basra at age 18. His name is Edward Iny.
My granny's family was from Baghdad, though she herself grew up in Bombay - Hilda/Habiba Elias.
She and my granddad lived in Poona(Pune), India until my grandfather died in 1967. Any information about the Iny name, my particular family, and the Jewish community in Basra/Poona would be appreciated. I plan to go to India for the first time this December, with a video camera. I'd love to make it to Iraq sometime when/if politics allow - insh'allah

Nr.13 - Fri ,9.Mar.2001 19:46:03
Name = Nazar Yousif Kashat

country: Abu Dhabi/Canada

HI to all my old freinds.
I am a former student of BAGHDAD COLLEGE[1958-1963]& AL-HIKMA UNIVERSITY[1963-1968].I have been working in Abu Dhabi since 1997, while my family has been living in Montereal,Canada since we immigrated in Feb.1992 & acquired canadian citizinship. I am looking for:
Diana Saeed, Isa Qallab Eliahoo "noori", Saad Asaad, Waleed Salman abdulahhad, Yvette Atraktchi & her husband Yousif Dabby.
Wishing you all, the best. My best regards,
Nazar Yousif Kashat

Nr.12 - Mon ,19.Feb.2001 01:33:42
Name = Vivien Rakib (Abdul-Aziz)

country: USA/Israel

What a great idea!
Got very emotional to see my second grade classmates! Will visit this site regulary to see what's new

Nr.11 - Fri ,16.Feb.2001 07:37:58
Name = Nadia Nathan (Muallem)

country: UK
I am so happy my brother Adel told me about this website, I have the day off & I am glad I have the time to browse through it. I am enjoying every page, especially since there is a lot of my class in it!

Nr.10 - Fri ,9.Feb.2001 08:13:02
Name = Atheer Tallo

Congratulations. This will develop into a great website. Keep up the good work and God bless.

Atheer Tallo
San Diego, CA, USA

Nr.9 - Fri ,9.Feb.2001 04:18:19
Name = Bro. Jim McDavitt, S. J.

country: Boston MA USA

I just want to mention that the Next Jesuit/Baghdad Reunion will be held in San Francisco in July/Aug 2002. I have about 1,400 names and addresses of former students of both Baghdad College and Al-Hikma University on the mailing list.
Keep up the good work - there is nothing like keeping memories alive.

Nr.8 - Tue ,6.Feb.2001 01:31:29
Name = Helen Bekhor

country: Australia
To all Iraqi Jews and their descendants:
There is a link at this website to the Bekhor Family Tree. This contains not only Bekhors, but many families related by marriage, such as Reuben, Carrady, Somekh, Sadka, etc. If on looking through the family tree you cannot see your name and you believe it should have been included, please let me have your details, name, birth date and place of birth of also details of your family, siblings, etc. and from whom you are descended, so that I can include you.
Helen Bekhor

Nr.7 - Fri ,2.Feb.2001 11:46:06
Name = Michael Langman

My mother (nee Kadoori) is from Basra; her family left for Israel in 1950. I spent time in Iraq as a US paratroop officer during Desert Storm, but it wasn't the same! I would be very interested in hearing from others with similar ancestry.

Nr.6 - Fri ,2.Feb.2001 07:09:15
Name = sara nakash

country: usa

i was born in ny but my father is from iraq - he left there around 1951 or 1952 and went to israel. he then went to the usa in the 70's if anyone has anyinformation on the nakash/sopher family please feel free to email me

Nr.5 - Sat ,13.Jan.2001 15:53:16
Name = Ronny Schaul

country: U.S.A.

I left Iraq in 1951 and am interested in augmenting a family tree I have of 600 Iraqi Jews (about 1,400 persons in all).
I have posted family names in the tree I have at
The Iraqi names I have posted and searchable at are:

Abed (Hillie), Aboody, Abou Dahoud, Abou Hkeber, Abraham, Ainatchi, Ainetchi, Alani, Arababa (Hillie), Aslan (Basra), Azlan, Babaie, Bahary, Balbool, Balboul, Bashi, Bekhor, Ben David,Dabby, Dahoud, Dallal, David, Einy, Fattal, Gabbay, Hardoon, Haya, Hayya, Hechma, Hindery, Hkeber, Hochma, Hochman, Iny, Kahtan, Kalifa, Kar'een, Katan, Kattan, Khazzam, Khebbaza, Lawee, Lsrael, M'saffi, Mansour, Mashall, Mashalla, Masri, Masry, Michkael(?), Moshi, Mouallem, Norael, Sadka, Saleh, Sassoon, Schaul, Shahrabani, Shalom, Shamash, Shaoul, Sheiyyak, Shemtob, Shooker, Somekh, Tawfik, Toeg, Wakil, Yehouda, Zbeida, Zelouf, Zlouf

All were from Bagdad, except when indicated in parentheses.
The tree I have is in Family Tree Maker version 7.5 (Windows 98).

Will e-mail what I have to anyone interested. Just specify which genealogy software you use, including version.

Regards, Ronny Schaul

Nr.4 - Sun ,24.Dec.2000 23:03:02
Name = Mazin Toma

country: USA
Thank you for this wonderful site. It brought back nice memories from my days at Al-Hikma University. I had many jewish friends, but haven't met any since then, not even at the Al-Hikma reunions held here in the US every two years. Why don't you all, Al-Hikma former jewish students, try to come to the next Al-Hikma and Baghdad College reunion so that we can all meet each other again and reminisce of the good old days?

Nr.3 - Tue ,5.Dec.2000 19:45:46
Name = adam haddad

country: Canada

Hello all,
This is a wonderfull site indeed. It is no surprise how minorities such as ours(I am an Assyrian from Iraq) finally realise the striking similarities we shared while leading our terror filled daily lives under the oppressive governments of Iraq especially the Baath party thugs.
May God bless the souls of all the innocent jewish and Assyrian individuals and families murdered for no crime they committed other than being of different heritage and faith.
I wish you all the happiness in the world, wherever you are living, free and proud.
God bless
Adam Haddad
Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Nr.2 - Sat ,2.Dec.2000 08:13:24
Name = Hakim George

country: England

You have just brought back fond memories, good luck.

Nr.1 - Wed ,29.Nov.2000 06:24:11
Name = Jeff Malka

country: USA

Mabrouk! Keep it up.

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