Edwin Shuker in Baghdad

Edwin Shuker visited Baghdad in September 2003 and shared with us his exciting experience in a series of stories he wrote to the website. The first was written from an internet cafe in Karrada, Baghdad!
Who would have dreamed that the day would come when one of us will go back to visit and send a message from Karrada!

Please write in our guestbook and share with us your feelings.

Edwin's messages (from our guestbook):

From an internet cafe in Karrada
Back in London
Frank Iny
My childhood house
Meir Tweig Synagogue
Aboo Yonan
Iraqi delicacies

PICTURES of Edwin Shuker at:

Souk Al Bataween
Frank Iny veranda
Frank Iny courtyard
Frank Iny classroom-1
Frank Iny classroom-2
Fadhil abou el Jeben
Souk el Safafeer
Abou el Lablaby
Abou el Nafit
Jewish Cemetry in Habibiyeh-1
Jewish Cemetry in Habibiyeh-2

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