Recent Events & Pictures

  Chalghi at the Jewish Museum - London
  Chalghi Concert, Babylonian Jewish Center - New York
  Symposium on Iraqi Jews who left during the 60's and 70's - Israel
  Social Morning at the Synagogue 1 - London
  Social Morning at the Synagogue 2- London
  A Trip through English Heritage - London
  Lecture on Jewish Music in Iraq - London

  Maurice Shohet at the ASF Leadership awards event-NY, Nov. 2006
  At the wedding of Lydia (Abda) and Salman Sasson's son
  Screening of "Chalghi Baghdad" at BJC - New York, Feb 2003
  Group Picture - London, Feb. 2002
  At the Synagogue - London
  Tu Be-Shevat Celebration 1 - London, Jan. 2002
  Tu Be-Shevat Celebration 2- London, Jan. 2002
  At the wedding of Yaheskel Zangi with Sara Hay
  Frank Iny School Reunion - London, 2002
  Reunion of Class of 1962 of Frank Iny students - London, 2000
  Frank Iny School Reunion - Israel, 1996

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